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"Sometimes you have to take 1 step backwards to take 2 step forwards"

So over the last few days many people would have noticed the playercount has drastically dropped on the Call Of Gmod that is down to 2 reasons the LAG on the current server and the constant timing out and crashing of players. The IP only changed temporarily until the other IP comes back up. Unfortunately the ddos attacks have been on and off over the last 2 days on the IP address. Normally my ddos protection cant outlast an attack like this which not only took my server down took all of the servers ran of my Host thats how big this attack was. Therefore we have had to invest in a lot better ddos protection which can withstand very large ddos attack as of today. The server will be on a new IP address as of NOW and it will be permanent. This server is located in France and has apparently should run 3X better than the normal COG and I can assure you it will run a lot better than the laggy ip we had over the last few days.

Updates to COG
- Fixed the loading screen so it shows your stats again
- Fixed the fasdl because on the laggy server it took people ages to join this has now been fixed
- Fixed the general crashing (this has been tested)
- Added 3 NEW MAPS
rp_downtown_remastered yeah yeah not another downtown
rp_kielce_pog_v4 This is a German themed map I think this will be a popular choice maybe i'm wrong that for you to decide
rp_world This map was added on the laggy IP however a section was blocked of this has now been unblocked and there are 2 different spawn points for allies so they cant get spawn trapped also the spawn points have changed for both teams.

As you can see the website has changed a lot. I have gone down this route for various reasons.
- Looks a lot better on the eye
- Added threads on left panel
- Added whos online on left panel
- now the thread text is not in white it actually shows the rank of show posted a thread on the left hand panel

HOWEVER the biggest change to the forum is the Mobile version. The website is now mobile friendly you should not have any bugs and really has been worked hard on over the last few days.
If you dont like the website change that is fine you dont have to visit but unfortunately for those who dont like I wont be reverting this back.

I would like to welcome Elliscool and /CSW2K to the staff team. Elliscool you will see a lot of him over the next few days myself and him have had some discussions and know where we want to take the server. Ellis has been a member of this community for 4 years, he is very experienced and friendly so feel free too message him. /CSW2K has also been brought into the staff team mainly because he helps out with many of the COG updates at night when everyone else is sleeping, he makes a lot of effort with new players that come on the server teaching them how to play the game  and also understands where I want to take the community.

I made this community so different types of people can come together and have fun playing my servers. They can come and meet new people and really have a good time. However attitudes of some people must change from some individuals because if not they will be leaving and not returning. Let me explain http://www.iwikugaming.com/showthread.php?tid=8757. This is a post I don't really like seeing. When a staff member abuses there power you should for SURE report them EGnoclipping and shooting people but in this situation it was not the case. HOWEVER do not go out of your way to try and catch staff members out just come on and play for fun. This works both ways..... Banning a player on this community should be a LAST RESORT. So what myself and Ellis have decided is EVERY temp ban on the server which was around 8 bans have been removed but EVERY PERM ban remains banned. This is just one event I picked out there has been multiple events I have noticed which could effect other players on the server. If you dont like someone you doint have to be there friends just be civil to them simple as that. Don't segregate them from the community.


Looking amazing on the forum and hope you find out who's been launching the attacks
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Thank You,
Aiden Hoyle.

Doesnt matter, I wish them good luck with there lived and good luck in the future trying it.
You should do what my friend did and get a dedicated server box so you have full access to everything and these issues won't occur as much. Or at least thats what happened in his case
If you found me helpful feel free to +1 me.

Thank You,
Aiden Hoyle.

He already had one aiden but he just got a new one
As H said, be polite and friendly to us and we’ll be the same in return. Having rude/agressive players talking to us is as annoying as having rude staff. We deal with every case so if you’re not being dealt with just wait, we can’t be everywhere at all times.

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