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COG WW2 Medkit.
As someone who plays a medic/support role in all games I feel safe in saying that I know when something should be changed medic wise.

Dishing out heals to one person then having to wait for the medkit to be charged back up to at least 20% is a slow task and it's made worse when there are 3 allies you need to heal with no heal at all.
The medkit should either recharge faster as to give out heals quicker or the Medic class should be given the medkit used in Darkrp servers, the one that heals people up slowly.

It also annoys me seeing people playing Medic and not healing people at all, or just healing themselves. So why not take away the Medic's Primary weapon and make him a full support class so that when people pick that job they actually have to do said job.
But it doesn't matter either way just so long as the medkit gets changed/upgraded to be better.
My main problem with this is taking away the primary weapon. This means that the job would not be able to get XP which means no one would play it, which would make your problem worse.
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True, taking the weapons away would make the problem worse. So honestly I'm kinda out of ideas other than changing the medkit and hoping people heal others.
Instead of using medkit, H should add this addon, "FA:S 2.0 Alpha SWEPs - Misc", because this addon has medkit and it's more realistic than default one.
The default one makes unique sound when it heals so players may get detected, but this medkit won't make unique sounds like the default one.
But the medkit has a problem. When players press E+R while having the medkit, it makes players scream like dying.
So this medkit may be used for spamming but can be used for attracting enemy's attention.
If you know this addon, consider using this medkit.
link : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...=201027186

Oh, Removing the primary would make medic job useless so I don't think taking the primary is good.
That medic is mad, I've played on other MRP servers with that and I love it.

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