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With the MilitaryRP just a few days left until release I want to share some information with you on what to expect.

There are over 50 jobs in the server in total. There are US and Taliban jobs which go all the way to 3 prestige's  which is a total of 300 levels and more will be added in the future. 

Here is a screenshot of just the Marine jobs under level 100 not going to give all away


We also will be keeping the classic jobs such as Thief, Medic, Gundealer etc which have all been added to the server

We will be using different printers to before however I have gone for a similar layout to the classic printers we had which everyone enjoyed the printers you buy perks for. The new printers will give you a lot of new options. I will post a screenshot of one of the test printers I made earlier. 


As you can see there are more upgrades than before and you now have to purchase the upgrades. This is just a test printer it will not be 10k for each upgrade so do not worry. I hope people like the look of these printers I took feedback from what people wanted with the printer and tried to add it.


I have really worked hard on the weapons with many more weapons than before and heavily modified damages and sounds I feel i have got the perfect weapons for the server. These weapons will have skins like promised and still be realistic. The weapons will have attachments to and based of CW weapons. There are over 30 weapons in the game so there is more than enough to go around. I will show you some of the weapons in the game with there skins. How it works the better you are the better skin you get and when people said about donators having the better weapons that will not be the case anymore they will have the better skins. This then means there wont be anyone which is OP in the server because everyone will have the same chance at the weapons if they grind hard.

AK 47 with 3 skins users can get https://puu.sh/zA5Ct/9a2f727f3b.png

AK Diamond Skin https://puu.sh/zA5FR/8e5793936d.png

M4 with 2 skins users can get https://puu.sh/zA5K8/ba373add90.png

M4 Silver Skin https://puu.sh/zA5Na/786cffa0a8.png

M4 Diamond Skin  https://puu.sh/zA5Q0/dae7c025d2.png

These are just a few skins on 2 weapons there are more weapons that have skins in the game not just 2. Not every weapon will have a skin because I dont want it to be to unrealistic. However I feel I have got the right balanced

How do you find out if your gun has a skin?
Thats really easy press C then right click 

Is it really that simple?
Yes it is

Is this it for the server?
There has been a lot of stuff I have not covered in this post that's for you to come on the server on Monday and see for yourself I hope to see everyone there and prepare for a lot of updates on the server I have a lot of ideas,

If you haven't seen what map we are using I will link the post below


Another post will come tomorrow with new features in the server upon release so people are not confused. I am hyped to release this server and will be putting a lot of my effort into this. Along with my final change. If people do not like the server they do not have to play it. If people want to give me constructive criticism or suggestions on how to improve the server I cant wait to read it. If people comment on the forums the server is bad, what have you done I will just ban you. I have had these comments before and it really gets be down because I feel like I have just wasted my time when actually it could have been the minority. I am trying to create a server full of positivity and fun and from now on I will not tolerate just abusive, disruptive and people who are generally hear to cause trouble and not play the community. 
So all you get for buying vip is weapon skins?
[Image: text345435830.gif]
It is a lot more balanced. I like the idea
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People have paid money for things.
Now they will get skins (which will not do anything at all) instead of the content they paid for.
[Image: text345435830.gif]
Thats not the case at all Mama Duck...

Donators will get extra benefits in regards to printers. Along with weapons that normal users cannot use. What I meant in my post was the weapons that dona tors use will not be so overpowered its pay to win.

Donators will also get access to jobs that users cannot access

Donators will also get access top better vehicles which will implemented in the near future.

Donators will also get access top content that users cannot access for example riot shield and more.

So in my opinion if you donate to the server you get much more content than you used to however the only thing that has changed is the balance of the weapons if you donate to the server that does not give you the advantage with in damage because people were complaining that even with better aim they were losing duels against people who cannot aim but they had a weapon that had 2 times weapon damage than a normal user would get. I agree with this to.
Horrible F4 Menu. Its band and overused. Can we get back the Amethyst F4 or something like that?
Johannes73 - Former MilitayRP Trusted
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@HStorm Oh, sorry
thanks for responding
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So, former Donators etc will also get this? or is it just they some have payed now?

Don't botther my english i most likely have dilsexya.
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So old donators like VIP Admin get their rank back right?

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