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Your in-game name: Jhon_Conners

In-game name of the player you are reporting?TonguehoenixFlame

Why are you reporting them?: Abuse of /warn --banned me for scripting when I am not

Do you have any evidence to support your claim?: ye

Show your evidence here if you have any: https://youtu.be/W8Bpc7C_Hsc

What is your side of this story?: bhopping in gmod isnt hard iz ez I got banned for scripting I am no russian hacker

What punishment are you wanting by making this reporting this player e.g. Ban/Warn/Demotion etc?: All of the above

Do you understand if your report gets denied you cannot make another report against this player/staff for the same situation?: yeah
Phoenix was just doing what he thought was right, although the spamming and abuse of warning isn't good. He should've gotten a higher-up staff member.
You using the "Turn Right"/"Turn Left" controls looks very suspicious. Also saying "I am no Russian hacker" is Bigot of you.
I will give a -1 on this.
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Jhon, I had frequent reports against you during that game. I spectated you and from what I saw it seemed to be Bhopping scripts. Now, if you werent hacking then I apologize.
The reason I spammed warned you is because that is what I do with every hacker who I encounter, i try to get them off the server as soon as possible. Contacting admins can be difficult at times and ultimately frustrating. Most admins I cant reach out to. So I warn hackers to a ban then I contact an admin as soon as possible.
wasn't aware Russians where a race. the more ya know.....
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oh boy, your a special one aren't ya. this will be my final post here on this gentleman's unban appeal. but what you just described and the joke he made in his appeal are not racism, not even close lol.

This is just an observation I've made, but you seem to overreact a lot and go after every little detail you can on any person you seem to not like, yet you seem very relaxed towards others, which are not good staff qualities. personally I feel you should be talked to by a higher up about how you act on the forums and ingame.

if you wish to continue talking to me, do pm me, as I will no longer spam this post with unrelated crap
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Lets start at the top.


You do not have the ability to use the ban command so at no point should be banning anyone, this includes spamming the !warn command, by spamming the warn command I would consider this to be abuse of !warn command. Equally I am really easy to contact via PM, I check the the forums on average every hour or two. Equally, have you actually contacted someone about this as I have received nothing. 


I watched the start of your video and noticed you bhopped, the bhop does not look like a standard space bar jump and as such is not allowed. I will check the Anti cheat to see if it has anything on yourself bhopping.

Russian is not a race, so it cannot be racist to say "I am not a russian hacker". I consider it to be a statement like saying "I am not a girl", that is not a sexist comment. Equally google defines racist as a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another. The "main" 4 races are White/CaucasianMongoloid/AsianNegroid/Black, and Australoid. (http://blog.world-mysteries.com/science/...the-world/)

EDIT- I cannot find anything on the anti cheat that suggests you were bhop scripting. However please be honest with us if you were using a script, bind or hotkey. 
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I agree with Ezio on the using warns to ban is not correct procedure, i just wanted to add that Jhon asked for a link, you ignored that request and never gave one.
Sorry for the such late reply, wasn’t able to login initially and forgot about it afterwards..
-Fiest off saying I’m a not Russian hacker isn’t being racist to anyone, especially not you, not to mention it’s a joke...
-Second off it’s not really that hard to bhop in gmod especially since with the custom weapons speeds in terms of u/s are modified allowing you to get some odd looking-speed hops. However if you are a staff on a Garry’s mod server especially a server like this where with the bayonet you’re almost going 350u/s without hopping, you should know bhopping isn’t hard and pretty common/easy to do with the space bar
-Lastly I do have my jump bound to my scroll wheel, which isn’t a macro/script and almost every single server allows it. Cago or gmod. If that isn’t allowed just let me know and I’ll unblind it. I can bhop with spaxebar and with scroll wheel, just prefer scroll wheel Wink

EDIT: What do you mean my use of turn left/turn right controls looks suspicious? You mean a and d..? Strafing left and right..? Nothing is really suspicious lol

If no one has any further evidence to prove this person was using Bhop Scripts, then I will be unbanning him. 

If you do have evidence then you have a day from this post to provide said evidence.
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