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How to buy Ammo with Hotkeys (Binds)
Ok here is: "How to bind a Button on your keyboard, to buy a specific ammo type"

  • Ok, first of all you need to acivate the developer console. Here is how:
  • Go to your gmod settings and Click "Keyboard"
  • Now look for "Advanced Options" it should be the first button in the Downer Left Corner.
  • If you click it a window with two Checkboxes should open, Check the "Enable Developer Console" Checkbox
  • Now you can click "Apply"  in the downer right Corner.
  • Close your options and go back into the game.
  • Now press the "F10" key on your Keyboard and then the console should open.
Now i will show you how to assign a button to buying ammo.
  • When your console is open you can put in many Dev Commands, but we are only interested in the "bind" command.
  •  Now (with an open console o.c)  you need to type in this for Rifle ammo
  • bind (button) "say /buyammo ar2"
  • Yes with " ,and for pistol ammo 
  • bind (button) "say /buyammo pistol" 
  • and for Shotguns 
  • bind (button) "say /buyammo shotgun"
  • There sadly is currently no way to buy ammo for Snipers, the Deagle and the P90 the MP9 the MP7
    the MAC-10 the MAG-7 and some more (lel cant remember)Ok, thanks for reading, Have Fun!
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Nice work

Usefull tutorial

I am a Player ! I can play

This is such a dedication.. Glad to see you like to help new players!

Looks awesome Big Grin might actually use that! Very well detailed!

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