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✪ Furisodation [Ghost] ✪ Trusted Application ✪
My Application
I am applying for the Call Of GMOD server.

Steam name:
✪ Furisodation [Ghost] ✪

TeamSpeak name:
✪ Furisodation [Ghost] ✪


In-game name:
✪ Furisodation [Ghost] ✪

17 (07/20/1999)

Garry's Mod hours:
0+ hours. Between 3 Steam Accounts (1 hacked)

United States

In game play time:
3 hours+ (Fairly new, but growing)

How active can you be in game:

Are you active in TeamSpeak:

Do you have a mic and can you use it:
Yes, I use it when I'm on the server, and Team Speak.

English level:

Attempt number:
First Attempt..

Have you received any kicks/bans and why:
I have never gotten any warnings, kicks and bans on the Call of GMOD server.

Have you got any previous experience:
I've had past experiences dealing with management, ownership, moderation and support.. I feel I'm a great candidate for this role.

Why should you be chosen for this rank:
 Within the first few minutes of joining the server and seeing what It's about, I noticed a slight few single targetting, spawn trapping,
and going against simple rules that the server has.. Making the server boring, and unfair to those who want to enjoy the feel of a FPS experience. I personally, would like to be an active role on the server to ensure the rules are followed, and that everyone can play in peace.

Do you understand, that if you're in-active without a valid reason, you will be demoted:
I understand.

Do you understand, that you will have to be forum, server and TeamSpeak 3 active or you will face a demotion:
I understand.

Do you understand, that if you do get denied, this means you can apply again:
I understand.
Thanks given by:

GMOD PLaytime
English knowledge
Has a mic

Server Playtime

You really need to work on detail... If you want to make it more detailed ask a senior member of staff team. I've seen you on the server often and i've never seen you break ANY Rules.
A old player.
Thanks given by:
I'm not gonna do a whole Positives and Negatives but, you need better detail more playtime and stop single targeting Tongue apart from that your good. Smile

-From Rapod (The Birthday Boy)
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just a heads up the next time you leave an opinion on a staff app alex you kind of cant give neutral opinions anymore
[Image: 4741221.gif]
MilitaryRP Person

+1 Rep me if you feel i deserve it
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It wasn't neutral, I just didn't use the format and I don't have to because i'm not staff, If I was staff I would use it but i'm not. It was neutral because i pointed out everything bad but said apart from that he was pretty good.
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GMod Playtime
US Time zone is when we dont normally have staff online.
No warnings etc


Server playtime

I will be giving this application a +1 because of your experience, no past rule breaks and your garrys mod playtime. I would also reccomend getting some more playtime on the server as that will help alot.
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REASON: Application is really under detailed, not active enough on server

Next reapply date: 23/01/2017
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I was going to ask if I could edit it and make it more detailed, and also.. I already have around 10 hours played, and I gain more each day..

A simple PM would have sufficed instead of rushing to a decision, don't you think?


Thanks for your support, means a lot ..
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Not our fualt you made your application underdetailed and chose to make it when to you had an 3 hours of playtime, even 10hours isn't really enough. You had a whole week basically to edit this app but you choose not to
[Image: bgvX3Ny44]
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fault* (Sorry I have just seen u said fualt a lot and it triggered me so I thought I would correct you Tongue)
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