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Suggestion by stalker
Hello, I am currently staff at COG.

Is there any way you could add Disconnected players category so we can find their steamId's easier?

I've Also noticed players are asking for a prone addon which can be found at http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...text=Prone

I've Also noticed theres not much features for prestiging other than teamspeak rank, Is it possible you could implement Camos from call of duty or killstreaks?

Theres currently no car NPC. I reccomend adding the car dealer in rp_Predator
(As Tank Driver job for diamond vip's doesnt make sense without a car dealer)

I'm planning on updating this freqnuently
A resigned staff member
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Its can be very good +1
need me ? PM
Massive Waffle!
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Hey , there is a log for it

if you use /logs than go to connected players you will also see the disconnected players

Big Grin

I am a Player ! I can play

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Elaborating on what Dutch said, if you type /logs you can view the connection logs which also shows when people have disconnected from the server as well as joined. 
                                                      [Image: 3dtFcYT.png]

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Type /logs, view connection logs, find the player and right click on their name. It gives SteamID
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Wow i've never saw it
A resigned staff member
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