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JungleHeart's Application
I would like to say, if you do become a role that others see in a support kind of way, you should probably be using your microphone more often, whether or not you like or don't like to ;3
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He doesn't need to use his mic to be a staff ... when i was staff i always typed

I am a Player ! I can play

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Japanese time zone is when we have no staff on normally.
Good gmod play time
Good server play time
Your are friendly


No previous experience

I am giving this a +1 because you are active, and the time in japan is when no staff are online. You have had no previous experience but I'm sure a mentor can help that
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Thank you all for giving me the verdicts.
They are very helpful to fix my Negatives.
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You have been ACCEPTED through to the INTERVIEW STAGE.

Please arrive in the interview waiting room 1 between the times of 2.30-4PM UK time on Saturday 14/01/2017.

If you cannot make it, please post on this thread.
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I have a question about the Interview stage.
How will you interview me like, Speaking in Microphone or Using the chat?
I'm not good at listening so I hope you ask me to use the chat.
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We will speak to you however you can type and you could ask your interviewer if they mind typing.
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I can't be on the date. Have to fix my computer.
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Okay PM me on the forum a suitable date for you and we can go with that my PM link is here

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