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JungleHeart's Application
My Application
I am applying for the Call Of Gmod server.
Steam name: JungleHeart
Teamspeak name: JungleHeart
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:60371212
In-game name: JungleHeart
Age: 14 years old.
Garrys mod hours: 2065 hours.
Country: I live in:Japan
In game play time: 200hours. Have Prestige 2
How active can you be in game: Slightly.
Are you active in teamspeak: Slightly.
Do you have a mic and can you use it: Yes, but prefer not to
English level: 6.
Attempt number: First Attempt..
Have you recieved any kicks/bans and why: I have never gotten any warnings, kicks and bans in call of gmod.
Have you got any previous experience: This is my first apply so I didn't apply for any servers.
Why should you be chosen for this rank: I see many people break the rules in the call of gmod. For example, Single targeting, Fail RP, Racism, and so on. Because some of them don't go to forum and read the rules. I want to enjoy call of gmod and tell players to not break the rules. But I'm an user so my words don't work for them. So I thought "I need to be a trusted or higher ranks to tell". I'm Japanese so I can't tell well like higher ranks. But I want to make the servers good and make the players enjoy the game.  So I applied for this time. 
Do you understand, that if you're in-active without a valid reason, you will be demoted: I understand.
Do you understand, that you will have to be forum, server and TeamSpeak 3 active or you will face a demotion: I understand.
Do you understand, that if you do get denied, this means you can apply again: I understand.
Thanks given by:

-Gmod hours
-do nt have any bans/kicks/warns
-server play time

-Slightly on the server
-Slightly on the teamspeak

im go with 1+ you are really frienly and active, i dont know why you say that you can be Slightly active becuse i see you alot on the server
need me ? PM
Massive Waffle!
Thanks given by:
good things
gmod time
COG time
English level

bad things
no previous experience

but im going to give you a +1 good luck
Thanks given by:
Actually I have to go to my school and study from this week so I can't take the much time to play call of gmod. But I'll use my not important time to play it.
Thanks given by:
Never seen you on TS, but anyways I am going to +1 because you are fairly active and helpful.
Did I help you? Gimme a +1!! 

Thanks given by:
aren't you lieing about your warns ? thought i was in sit with you and you got warned ?

I am a Player ! I can play

Thanks given by:
I used !warn and saw the result, but there was no warning in my AWarn menu.
I think that you are talking of Military RP's warn.
Thanks given by:

-Gmod hours
-server play time

-Slightly on the server
-never saw you on  teamspeak
- Detail

im go with +1

Why will you apply for a rank if you say that you can be slightly on the server ?

I am a Player ! I can play

Thanks given by:
-Very good Garry's Mod time
-Very good Server time
-From personal experience a very friendly player 

-Not that active on TS. However saying that I have recently seen him on so that's why I'm putting this as a neutral. Still, can be improved 

-No previous staff experience 


Ovall, I'm going to give you a +1 due to your amazing activity and how much of a friendly player on the server. However, you don't have any experience but mentoring will help with that. 
                                                      [Image: 3dtFcYT.png]

Thanks given by:
-Great GMOD playtime
-Very good server playtime
-Seen him on teamspeak often

Previous staff experience

Verdict: +1 (+Support) I really liked your application, You're quite friendly and like to help people.
A old player.
Thanks given by:

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