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Guide For COG - by waffle (for starters)
Guide for COG - by Waffle
What it does Call of Gmod? The game is very similar to the game call of duty and because it determined the name.

Like every game this game also has rules:


Want to talk with friends while you play? Enter our TS3 server:

Now talk about the game itself ...

The game is based on the Marines vs Talibans, the game is a gun game

The goal is to level up, how to level up? Kill people and go up the levels, the more you cost levels possible so you unlock more jobs.

how do you play ?

The game is very simple but also very fun

When you enter the server, most of the maps  you are starting on close place, to start playing press the F4

And select Marines or Talibans

Want to adjust your gun to your style? Press C

The Last Job is held to levels Leader

Followed by at level 100 has a Prestige, the prestige reset all your levels and give you a star, if you 
want you can also told to SA+ (superadmin on ts) to give you a ts tag (very cool)

About the maps


The map is medium-sized, but has many different areas and buildings to interact with. There are about 14 different buildings normally available, divided into several different locales. These can be divided into 3 categories: Residence, Warehouses, Shops.


this map is meduim-sized

The map features:

- Quite high skybox. 
- Lots of buildings and rooms, aswell as a small neighbourhood. 
- Big underground system and a part with a more "horror" type feeling.
- A window respawn system to prevent windows from being broken forever.
- A seamless brushworked 3d skybox.
- An easter egg.

Note : This map requires CS:S to work properly.
I'm going to add more maps
I going to edit this guide if i want add something but for now thats all

Want help me to make this guide bigger?
Commant what you want add and maybe i add this
need me ? PM
Massive Waffle!
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Really helpful and informative. Thanks for making Smile
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Good job Waffle
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no promblem
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Good, detailed guide! Noice one!
Did I help you? Gimme a +1!! 

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Good Guide! I hope this guide will be great for the players.
You should add the information about the map like Downtown, Bangclaw, and more.
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nice work man =D
hope that you can improve it more and more =D
keep it up buddy

I am a Player ! I can play

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I update my guide add infomation on downtown map and bangclaw map hope you like it
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Massive Waffle!
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Wait, if I'm Waffle, how are you Waffle?
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need me ? PM
Massive Waffle!
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