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Potential Event Ideas!
Hey guys, I'm sure you all enjoy doing events so if you have any ideas for potential events/giveaway ideas comment these below this thread! They could be anything ranging from sword fights to capture the flag. Go wild
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How about some form of hostage rescue event, where a designated hostage is captured in a building, one team has the job of defending, one has the job of rescuing him, like a sort of rainbow six siege situation where you need different people on each team to complete your task? on MRP
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Four Corner Capture
Teams/Free-for-all: 4 teams of equal players
Rules: Map is split into 4 corners, with four colored blocks in the middle. Each corner should have a simple base structure for teams to defend from.
Objective: There will be 4 flags (These can be simple colored blocks) that will begin in the middle and teams must fight to retrieve them back to their base. There should be a timelimit after which the team with the most flags will win.
Prize: Prize beacuse its big event so maybe prestige but its better if you choose the prize
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Massive Waffle!
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Area: One idea for downtown. You know around the back where all the building are? Well there is like a 6 story building.
Objective: Maybe we could put all the Taliban (For example in this case) and the marines have to try and eliminate everyone.
Prize: Well I was thinking this could just be for fun, although maybe each survivor gets 3+ levels?
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