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Update Tonight
I would first of like to thank everyone for being very patient over the last few days with my response times etc. I have been really sick and really have been struggling to get on for this reason. I have woke up this morning and am feeling a lot better.

There are going to be 2 updates coming tonight the first is going to be the Call Of Gmod 1 server this will be locked tonight sometime where I will be balancing classes, adding/changing maps adding logs and more. The call Of Gmod 2 server will still be up for people to play on while server 1 is being updated. 

The MilitaryRP will also be having a massive update and rebrand there will be a full change log and post tonight about this.

I have been thinking over the last week and I feel before the new year starts I feel there is going to be a big change over the staff team across both servers. Many staff members in my opinion are making excuses and not enjoying the community as much and just making excuses to not come on which is not right. My decision will be final and will not change. There will be some promotions and demotions which will also be put on the forum tonight.

There will also be a meeting on the 2nd of January 2017 however there will be a post in the coming days.
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Hope the update's are nice Big Grin

Keep the work up Hstorm

I am a Player ! I can play

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How long will updates take?
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few hours the Call Of Gmod second server will be up for people to play and all your stats are carried over to that server.
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Thanks man! Keep 'em rolling in they're awesome Big Grin
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good work !
i know how much i waiting for this <3

#MassiveHStorm xD
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