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Giveaway, Halo MCC
So I'm giving away a Halo Master Chief Collection code on Xbox one.

All you need to do to win is post a best memory from the server and then on the 31/12/2016, Anyone who has a posted a memory will be entered into the draw.

Rules for the draw.

Double posting is not allowed
Any memories that are racist/offensive will be removed.
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Ok, so one of my favorite memorys on MRP was a time when I defended my base from 6 people and I only had a AN94, most of them had Custom Jobs with shotguns, I outmaneuvered them and out smarted all and my base was proven unraided when someone is in it. I Also had about 300k worth of guns/drugs in my house so that was a very good defend for me.
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Whilst I have some great memories, I feel no need to get this as I already have Mcc and my brother has claimed both MY Xboxes as his own?
[Image: bgvX3Ny44]
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The giveaway goes to alex for being the only person to take part XD
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