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Call Of Gmod Rules
Welcome to IWIKU Gaming Call Of Gmod

Useful Commands
F4 -  To open the menu
!addons -  If you see any errors on the server type this and subscribe to anything you do not have subscribed to.
!donate - Takes you to the donation page
@ - Calls a staff member for you.

Ranking System
Community Manager
Basic Terms
OOC - Out Of Character
IC - In Character
L2AP - Leaving To Avoid Punishment
RP - Role-Play
IRL - In Real Life
Spawnkill -  Killing a player in their teams spawn
Spawncamp - Killing a player without letting that player get a chance to leave their spawn
Trolling/Minging - Not wanting to play and just wanting to ruin other peoples enjoyment of the game mode.

Do not spawnkill/spawncamp
Do not kill unassigned players
Do not L2AP
Do not hack/cheat
Do not use exploits/glitches to your own advantage (Report them to staff)
Do not disrespect staff/players
Do not use racial or homophobic terms in any way
Do not enter the oppositions spawn
Do not kill/damage "Staff On Duty" jobs (They should be no-clipping)
Do not troll/minge
Do not micspam
Do not shoot explosives/RPGS at your feet.
Basic Terms (You may notice on the server)
OOC - Out Of Character
L2AP - Leaving To Avoid Punishment
Spawnkill - Killing a player in their teams spawn.
Spawncamp - Killing a player without letting that player get a chance to leave their spawn.
Trolling/Minging - Not wanting to play and just wanting to ruin other peoples enjoyment of the game mode.
Rules In Depth

Single Targeting 
Single targeting is when you are using an explosive gun, for example an RPG and your shots only kill 1 player, with the explosive guns you have to kill 2 or more people with the shots to make the game more balanced.  
What is trolling?
Trolling is a rule which WILL result in a ban. You will not however be banned for lots of rule breaks.
The trolling ban, is the repetitive abuse of rules IN ADDITION, with a aggressive/toxic attitude and possibly verbal assault to players and/or staff. Trolling is a loose term, however if you are banned for trolling for simply breaking many rules and you feel it is unjust as you are trying to learn then simply make a unban appeal and we will sort it for you.

What is L2AP?
L2AP , (Leaving to avoid punishment,) is a rule that results in a one day ban. If you have to leave during a jail or any situation please inform the staff of your reason and then you will not be banned. If you crash for some reason during a punishment, please contact the staff member on teamspeak and inform them you crashed and are coming back, (or aren't and a reason,) then come to an agreement with that staff member.

This is when a taliban/marine attacks the oppositions spawn and kills players who are either trying to leave spawn or are in their spawn. Although there is spawn protection we ask you not to just in case you end up accidentally killing someone and being in trouble for it.

Mic Spam
This is when a player spams loud noises such as music down their microphone. This is annoying and unacceptable and can be classed as trolling in some circumstances.


Exploiting in ANY sort of way with knowing you are doing it will be a permanent ban straight away if player has already been warned. ONLY COUNTS IF USING TO ADVANTAGE, FOR EXAMPLE SPAWN ZONE GLITCH (GODMODE)

-- Hacking / Scripting --

Anti Cheat system will detect it, and once a Admin has seen the log from the system, you will face a permanent ban. You may not appeal these bans as they are serious offenses.

All rule breaks are 120 seconds jail time and a warning, however the first time offense is only a warning.

Racism, Homophobia and hacking and exploiting are a permanent ban, and trolling is anything from a 3 day to a permanent ban. You can also be banned for breaking a mass amount of rules


All of the punishments are what the punishing admin decides so their decision is final.


Rules are a subject to change at any time without any notification!

Upon connecting to the server, you accept that claiming you did not know a rule stated in the following post is not an acceptable excuse.       
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