IWIKU Gaming

Unbann Appeal
My Steam Name:[RG]Frost

My In-game Name:Snake Venom

My SteamID:STEAM_0:1:65727200

The name of the staff member who banned me:It doesnt say

How long was you banned forTongueerma ban

What are you appealing for an unban on Teamspeak/Server/Website:Server 

The rules I claimed to break:Hacking Yet i didnt

The time and date it occurred ( dd/mm GMT + 1:00 )September 16th i Woke up to it idk 

Proof supporting my appeal ( if video then via YouTube ): (Use this if you were banned wrongly)I only have this photo its only the photo of the ban


My apology and why you should trust me to not break these rules again: (Use this if you are apologizing for your actions)If i hacked im deeply sorry
I was the banning admin, me and another member of staff had watch you for almost an hour, we whitnessed to track player through walls and mountains, headshot people before you have even turned, and snap onto peoples heads with no effort
[Image: bgvX3Ny44]
I did not hack i swear on my soul
He's my friend, He is so dumb and he would never do that. In GMOD headshots doesnt matter anything and the sniper is a bit op
[Image: apulod8542f.png]
[Image: lapdou85431.png]
We both sodcatated him ad concluded together after almost an hour if watching , he would lock onto peoples heads before they where visible
[Image: bgvX3Ny44]
You got the wrong guy Either im too Skilled Or your Bad and arent good enough NO offense And thought iwas good beacause you have never seen anyone like this Again no offense Like your IMage said down there
and even if i were to hack iwouldnt of made it so visible noeone is that stupid
I would of tried to hide it
But im not one of those Useless Bags of smeg that hack
why would i waste 2 months of my life playing the server and then only to get perma banned its so unfair I sWeAR IDIDNT HAcK IWILl shOw YOU MY PC It INCLUdeS 0% HACK

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