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adding helicopters to the new map!
the idea of adding cars to the fight between marines and Taliban were cool, but what if helicopters were added????

the helicopters would only be accessible by Taliban and marines only, and there would be a special job like "helicopter pilot"
it would cost no money to spawn it in, BUT only accessible by helicopter pilots, and only 1 slot for the job is good. 
to become the job though, it is only accessible by becoming level 40

thanks for reading my idea, and i hope this will be implemented into the game.


EDIT- the addon i am talking about IS NOT WAC. That addon is huge and will make the server lag. but what i am referring to is the other helicopter addon including helicopters WITH and WITHOUT weapons (armed helicopters are more expensive than unarmed helicopters)
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They are going to if we keep the new map
[Image: bgvX3Ny44]
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I don't like the idea of another thing locked to the boring process of lwveling up. It's so boring.
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No , it has a good chance of crashing the server. I think we slould avoid this idea to be honest.
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Growing the text as I don't own a magnifying glass.
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I like the idea of the heli pilot but the lag is also another problem hopefully we find a way to solve the lag so we can have helicopter
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Yes but no the helicopter should not be free it should be like 1 mil for a armed heli and 250k for a unarmed one
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Helicopter pilots used to exist. It was a VIP Gold job, (was highest donator rank at the time,) all helicopters were spawnable for free. They were only removable by staff. Exploded helicopters caused lag, this will be added back when the lag from the exploded helicopters can be fixed.
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If helo's do get added please add parachutes aswell and maybe have a police chopper?
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Go find a police helicopter and share it with the class. Last time I checked WAC doesn't have cop vehicles too.
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