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Ok so i know this is early however. i am getting frustrated with the fact that the admins are not helping as much as i think they could as some admins are active but don't help as much i would appreciate. for example about 2 days ago someone was prop blocking and i jailed the him/her perm as they where afk next to the prop block as a admin who was on did not reply or tp when a asked him to remove it. the guy whos base is propblocked is screeming at me begging me to remove it and i told him a cant so something what took 20mins could of been done in 10seconds

Your Steam name: RoyalRedWolf

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:59545836

Your In-game name: l AG l KingRedWolf

Your Age: 15

How many Garry's mod hours have you got in total: 770

In what country are you located?: England

Your play-time on the server: 6days 6hours i have had about 1 a half weeks previously 

How active can you be on the server: 4 -5 hours weekend 3 -4 hours week days

Are you able to be Teamspeak 3 active: yes i am on it when ever my pc is on

Do you have a mic and are you able to use it: yes

Your English level on a scale of 1 - 10 (writing and speaking): 7 - 8

Is this the first application you've made for this rank; if no please state what attempt: first attempt

Have you received any kicks/bans/warnings and why: 1 about a year ago what was a ban and HStorm is known of this 

What have you learned from being a Trusted on our server (Should be at least 1 paragraph and each point should be explained with detail): i have learned how to manage a server with about 30 plays on my own by doing multiple sits at once with small notes to make sure i do not get confused. i know all of the jail times and punishment recommendations like RDM = 120 RDMx2 = 240 RDMx3 = 300. and ban times like L2AP 1440 to 2880. i get along with all the community and i respect all staff members and players no matter any rules they break. i know the commands as !noclip, !ban, !menu, !mute, !gag, !jail, !jailtp. i also learned some admin commands as i know the staff team well

I know how to be a efficient staff member as from keeping notes of people who are breaking rules multiple times or a "hit list". From my past troubles with staff i know what i can do and what i cant do.

How can you help the server differently as an Administrator rather than as a Trusted (Should be at least 1 paragraph and each point should be explained with detail): I can deal with people in different ways and quicker ways e.g if a marine was wait a thief and got to the printers i could physgun him and freeze him so not as much damage could be done instead on having to jailtp what takes about 1 grande toss i can just point and click. if there is someone prop-blocking i don't have to perm jail them until its gone i can just remove it my self. if someone gets the car stuck i can just move it my self what saves time and gives people more access to role-play as if someone prop-blocked a house. i also have more control over the lag of the server with removing disconnected players props what will help lower the lag if there are about 3 disconnected player bases then thats about 20 props each or restarting the map with ulx if players are experiencing major lag and i will also do a vote on if players are lagging and give them a time to take screen shots. or i could resort in just a full clean up. i could also use the phyisgun to drop flying cameras or move them closer to ground and the remover tool will help deal with flying props and useless props in the map like a sofa on the road its just pointless and it will be a simple click to remove it. Also if there is somone who attempted to rdm someone the person who got attempt rdmed i could set his health back and physgun the Attempt RDMer to freeze him and deal with him on a hill. the god mode will help with dealing with sits when not on duty if i am a marine or Taliban. i can also unown doors of afk people or people that should not have that door eg a hobo owning a door in town.

If you were promoted to an Administrator, you would have a much wider access to different commands. How can we trust you with the higher power you would be given as an Administrator (Should be at least 1 paragraph and each point should be explained with detail): this is the only gmod server i go on and i am very active and adore this server i know what commands are used for like /adminsayall server restarting in 2mins take screen shots of weapons printers ext. to do a big mass message what is 99% impossible to miss. i know to much people and i have way to much dedication to this server to not want to help people. i know basic things like removing vault lock so no one locks it as it is a form of propblock i know the map so hopfuly there will be 0 miss clicks it. all in all i love this community way to much to just abuse its to much of a bad thing and its pointless. i know what to put in the commands so hopfuly very minimal mistakes 

What does being Administrator on our server mean to you (Should be at least 1 paragraph and each point should be explained with detail): it means to me that i have more responsibility on the server with the extra commands and dealing with sits become a lot easer. i feel like people could rely on me to fix things what a lower rank can not e.g prop-block from an afk person. it makes me feel more connected to the community as  i have more responsibility to players and staff. it also makes me for more trusted to help people. i know that it make people rely on me to assist them in any way possible staff or players.

Do you understand that as an Administrator we would expect much more of you in terms of work ethic, activity on the server, website and TeamSpeak 3 and your ability to deal with problems faster and more efficiently: yes i am hoping to improve my activity and think i have been doing that the past cupple of days or week 

Do you understand that if you're in-active without a valid reason you will be demoted: yes

Do you understand that you will have to be forum, server and TeamSpeak 3 active or you will face a demotion: yes

Do you understand that if you do get denied, this means you can apply again: yes

Would you like to add any other comments: Thank you for reading i know this is early but i feel as my time as trial-trusted has gave me a lot of information as i have had no punishments yet and hope not to get any. Thanks.
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Good application, great member of staff however you have only been trusted 2-3 days i feel this is very early

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Thx kat its the time I had with trial trusted to and we both know thats a lot xD
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+1 knows the rules knows the commands good app
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Thx oto
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You worry me with time playing as trusted. I will need to talk to you on TS about it.
If you need me, message me on the forums or poke me on TS.
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Im on ts now
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+1 My fav admin knows how to do everything and undertsanding.
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Thx Flame
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-1 for these reasons

Great guy knows the rules and commands
Is active in all three aspects

Far too early to be applying you need to wait at least 3/4+ weeks
Resigned Administrator
Feel free to rep me!
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