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Continue The Sentence
There are not many forum games at the moment, so I thought I'll start. Basically it's going to be continue the sentence. Where someone replies a word, then another person replies another word which can go after that word in a sentence formation. And it keeps going on for as long as we can.

I'll start it. Once...
I (just i but it doesnt let me post as its too short.)
If you need me, message me on the forums or poke me on TS.

Heart Thanks for reading homeslice +1 me if you love me Heart
my (goodnight wanted to do another Tongue)
If you need me, message me on the forums or poke me on TS.
huge (dunno)
Glove (why not)
and ( Why not continue?)
Brigadier Bathtub
Resigned MRP Administrator
I'll miss you all <3

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