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My complete banning for LITERALLY NO REASON
My Steam Name: Laggy McFacestab

My In-game Name: Laggy McFacestab

My SteamID: STEAM_0:1:103852819

The name of the staff member who banned me: Hstorm, Excision etc

How long was you banned for: Permanentely

What are you appealing for an unban on Teamspeak/Server/Website: Everything (website, game, TS)

The rules I claimed to break: Nothing I was just banned

The time and date it occurred ( dd/mm GMT + 1:00 ): multiple times

Proof supporting my appeal ( if video then via YouTube ): (Use this if you were banned wrongly) I was banned for leaving the community because of the way I was treated then coming back (website). I was banned because Hstorm said to ban me even though he wanted to speak to me (Teamspeak) Banned for no reason (Game)

My apology and why you should trust me to not break these rules again: (Use this if you are apologizing for your actions) Didn't break any rules and I am apologising for any trouble I caused I really enjoy playing the gamemode and would like an unban.

Additional comment I'd like to make: Why Hstorm, did you want to talk to me then ban me?
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Now i looked at the post again it seems to look like you ONLy want your Trial Trusted Diamond back, A BIG -1
From me
[Image: G5h04AkAvAHcs.gif]
Hey whats up guys, its Hondje here.
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Why did you apologize if you did nothing wrong?

you can add em in steam if you would like to talk about why you was banned i can explain every reason for you.
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Yes add me on steam.
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The fact that it took you this long to make an unban appeal is worrying. Also, i remember you disrespecting multiple staff on a thread named 'WHY!?' (this can be found on Forum stats > Most replied to threads) Then, after saying your computer had been broke, and had to be sent to America to be fixed, so you couldnt come on the server for anywhere between 3 weeks to 3 months, you were demoted due to the fact that you would not be able to use your trial-trusted rank AT ALL, which is a fair reason. Then, when you realised, you made the 'WHY?!' thread, and we gave you your reasons. Then, after this encounter you actually began disrespecting a few staff members, or being rude to them. Also, according to game tracker you were on DayZ or the DayZ mod when your computer was broke. However, when you were demoted, despite the distance between here and America, the multiple computers they had to fix and the fact that you said it would take at least 3 weeks, your computer is magically fixed and returned to you, from America. I find this highly unbelievable and therefore do not think you should be unbanned, -1.
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Woah that was quite harsh Twomey. Thought a lot of people including you would be happy to have me back. Sad
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Dont get me wrong, i thought you were a nice guy, an i liked you. However your actions that took place just before you were banned overcome the good times and my thoughts of you. I'm sorry, but if you are going to lie to HStorm and the community as a whole...then you dont deserve to be part of Advanced Gaming. Also, if you expanded your unban request, then maybe i would change my mind but right now however, your appeal does not give us any reason as to why we would benefit with you back. Although you were a friend, im sticking with my -1 for now.
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Seems like you Are hoping to decive U.S. Between that and your aggression and lying -1
Heart Thanks for reading homeslice +1 me if you love me Heart
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I agree with Ollies posts. You lets and disrespected before being banned. -1
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-1 agree with ollie
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