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HStorm Finds Out About Inactive Staff

This took me three hours to make, I hope you guys enjoy! Batteries not included.


- I am not, in any way, shape or form, saying that HStorm has anger management issues.
- I am not trying to offend anyone.
- I made the video with the sole purpose of comedy.
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lol, nice, I feel like the odd one out now XD I don't play CS.
If you need me, message me on the forums or poke me on TS.
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xDD, ohhh serio. Nice make dude
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Serio, XD Nice, shame just our staff will get the joke Big Grin
I don't play CS, I don't see what's so good about it ?!
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THIS IS BRILLIANT! oh god, my ribs hurt. But definitely true. Apart from the RIP AG (that will never be true </3) We do have alot of people now not even coming on the server to play CSGO or any other games. There needs to be a clamp down on this, definitely. However, i myself play CSGO and i was actually warned about what i was doing as i left i think it was 1 or 2 trial trusted's on to control the server. I now go on at around 10 at night, were there is minimal players on. This is ok i guess. But there definitely needs to be a clamp down on this happening. But Serio, this video was amazingBig Grin
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lol i saw this on xbox this this is so so so funny omg still watching now omg
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We need more of this on the forums.
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Lol, thanks for your support guys, glad you enjoyed it!
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