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Ollie's Admin App.
Your Steam name: |AG| Ollie Logan

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:104843493

Your In-game name: OllieTwomeyLogan

Your Age: I am 15 years old, 16 in February.

How many Garry's mod hours have you got in total: I have 275 hours on GMOD, may I add that more then 3/4 of that time is on Advanced Gaming.

In what country are you located?: I live in England, United Kingdom.

Your play-time on the server: I have 270ish hours on the server, however this is just an estimate as the timer has reset a lot recently. But I made this estimate by roughly guessing the amount of time I played a few servers other then AG, and took that off my 275 hours.

How active can you be on the server: I would probably say I am one of the most active players on the server, already achieving Super Veteran.

Are you able to be Teamspeak 3 active: Yes, I already am. Its the first thing I open when I come on my computer. So yes, I am.

Do you have a mic and are you able to use it: Yes I do, I now have 1 at my mums and my dads, so there is no time I shouldn't have a mic.

Your English level on a scale of 1 - 10 (writing and speaking): I'd say I am a 7/8 in speaking, and probably a 7 in typing as I often mistype things, or just use slang.

Is this the first application you've made for this rank; if no please state what attempt: Yes, Advanced Gaming is the only server I have even applied for staff, and this is my first admin application.

Have you received any kicks/bans/warnings and why: I had a few warnings when I first started for things such as FailRP and RDM. But you know about them, and I believe I was meant to have a medium strike from when I was first trial trusted? However this is not on the strike list.

What have you learned from being a Trusted on our server (Should be at least 1 paragraph and each point should be explained with detail): Trusted and Trial Trusted was a great rank for me, although I am applying after what some would call an extremely short time to be trusted, as that is the rank where you learn the most and are basically a new staff member, I learnt a lot. For example one of the main things I learnt was that it is extremely rewarding to help the players on this server. This is half the reason I want to become admin so I can help them more. Also, I learnt a few negative things about the staff team, such as a few (not all) staff are hardly ever on duty, these are mainly fully trusted and above, I always so them RP'ing instead of actually going on duty. Even when they are off duty, they could still intend to sits. Which some of them actually do, Zopther and Wolfee for example. However there are a certain few that I have hardly ever seen attend sits. I also learnt how we as a server and a community deal with trolls, and mass rule breakers, and how the staff rank works. I learnt how to deal with sits quickly and efficiently, and to not take disrespect to heart, as unfortunately a few players seem to dish it out a lot, but obviously they were dealt with. Another thing I have learnt is them unwritten rules that everyone deals with differently and in there own way. I have spoken to many staff about some of these rules, and cleares them up. A major issue with the server's staff team I have learnt, is the lack of communication between high ranked staff and users. Which I will go on to expand in my next paragraph. Also, I have even learnt basic rules and punishment as im sure staff probably remember I thought leaving to avoid punishment was a Perm Ban, which is just...wow:/ But I have learnt a lot and believe with my knowledge of the server and my characteristics I could be a great admin and help the server out a lot with my rank and my activeness on this server.

How can you help the server differently as an Administrator rather than as a Trusted (Should be at least 1 paragraph and each point should be explained with detail): Well, to begin you have all the points that you have in every admin app you receive, like when there is a prop block call, you cant just remove the players prop, but you have to teleport the player, to sometimes really awkward places, like right in the centre of town, and ask them to remove it, but with admin I can remove the prop block myself, then punish the player. Then we have the 'running from sits' kind of situation, which I hate, as the only way to resolve it is to jailtp them, which I hate doing without speaking to them first, and obviously as an admin I can physgun players which will help massively as I can also freeze them, which in my eyes isn't as much of a punishment, and deal with the sit from there. Then we have the 'Admin not trusted to me please.' which is mainly prop block, but you do feel really helpless. So all these are part of the reason why I can help people more, but I prefer to look at things in a bigger perspective. With the admin rank not only comes responsibility, but also has more authority, this means that the users will respect your decision more, whether it be a jail/warn etc. As the other day a guy said to me 'oh, your only trusted, why are you jailing me?' which made me feel just like another user, not that I think staff are better then users as that is just completely the wrong attitude. So yes, I do feel I could help the server a huge amount, with my activeness and confidence, then my rank aswell. If you promote me, I believe the server would be a lot more of a fun environment for many players as I would always put the admin rank before my own RolePlay as like I said, many don't. Many seem to forget that they are admins and are expected to do some work. And my final point, about the communication of players on this server, including staff. I would improve this by speaking to those higher then me, and those lower then me. Right down to the newest user, this would help the server as it would stop these malicious rumours that spread across the hole community. It is ridiculous what can sometimes happen, as the point of having the rank system is to spread out the responsibilities on individuals, and to make communication a lot easier, but sometimes a message will be released by a staff member will be released and passed down the chain, then twisted versions of the same message will be reported back up the chain. I would do as much as I can to clear things up and stop this from happening.

If you were promoted to an Administrator, you would have a much wider access to different commands. How can we trust you with the higher power you would be given as an Administrator (Should be at least 1 paragraph and each point should be explained with detail): As I've stated, Advanced Gamin is the ONLY server I play, and I enjoy it very much. As it is the only server I play a lot, im going to make sure I do not get banned/demoted, as why would I when this server is my only server. I have not had problems with trust with my other ranks, and I believe I would have done my other jobs to a great standard using the commands I was permitted to then. If I was promoted to admin, I would have other commands such as Physgunning players, and removing props which I didn't have as trusted, but even the extra commands I have as trusted such as !noclip and gag/mute/ban, I haven't had any abusive reports or anything, in fact ive never been reported on this game, which has to say something about my trust. But the hole reason of applying for admin is to help this server and community, so why would I abuse this commands as that only makes me happy, but probably really irritates the rest of the server, which defeats the hole object of being staff. I would use my commands only for their purposed, and I really believe that the these new commands I will be given would help me do my role as staff to an extremely high standard. If I was promoted, I would show you and prove to you that I can be trusted with these commands, and would again prove to you that it was a good promotion as I will do the job and use these commands to an exceptional standard.

What does being Administrator on our server mean to you (Should be at least 1 paragraph and each point should be explained with detail): Being an admin on this server would be such an achievement for me, and I would absolutely cherish my rank and the powers that come with it. By promoting me to admin, it shows me that I am respected and appreciated by this server and its community which makes me extremely happy. I believe that I am liked and respected already in this server, as I have had no -reps, a lot of people tell me they like me and I am a good asset to the community, however being promoted to an admin just tops it all off. I have put a lot of time and effort into this server, as I am extremely active on the forums, the server and the TeamSpeak. I would love to have this admin rank to show me and everyone else all the effort I have put into this server. By becoming an admin would motivate me even more to increase my activity as much as it is possible and would help me have the enthusiasm to come on the server on them days where you really just cant be bothered. However if I was to be promoted to an admin I would never have a 'cant be bothered' day again, and I would give as much time and effort as humanely possible to this server and would be forever thankful. This server has one of the best communities not just on GMOD, but on any game. And to be an admin in a server like this one would mean soooo much to me it is unreal. I would show my thankfulness by helping out the server as much as possible, as like I said I would improve my activeness (which I believe is already really good) and improve my way of being staff by attending as many more SITS as I can, but yes it would mean so much to me to be promoted. Even as a mentor, you have more advantages if you are an admin, as they would listen more to an admin rather then a trusted. And being a successful mentor also means a lot to me, and an admin rank would help me become a better, more helpful mentor!

Do you understand that as an Administrator we would expect much more of you in terms of work ethic, activity on the server, website and TeamSpeak 3 and your ability to deal with problems faster and more efficiently: Yes, and I also agree with it massively as activity and efficiency is really important to not just admins, but any rank of staff.

Do you understand that if you're in-active without a valid reason you will be demoted: Yes, as I stated above, activity is extremely important to this server, and I will hardly ever be inactive, but when I do I will report it to you, and it will be for a valid reason.

Do you understand that you will have to be forum, server and TeamSpeak 3 active or you will face a demotion: Yes, I already am active on all 3.

Do you understand that if you do get denied, this means you can apply again: Yes, I fully understand.

Would you like to add any other comments: Thankyou to all the people who gave me the confidence to apply, like Zop and ZTSmile It means a lot, and thankyou to the server for giving me this opportunity to apply for admin. Also, I would like to say I know this app came early as I have been fully trusted for a little time...but I truly believe I can hugely effect the server positively with this rank. Also, considering the fact that I have just became a mentor, I think that the admin rank would help me carry out that role more. If you feel that this app has been made too early, then please, feel free to leave it a few weeks and come back to it then.
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270 hours on GMOD is an extremely high amount of hours on the server, more than my total GMOD hours. Very active on the server, lots of detail, fun to speak with on TeamSpeak 3, I think you would be a great admin! +1
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1+ good boy

Nice detail and so !!

Have we a deal ? If im trustee You go help me ? You are mentor Tongue

Trusted *
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Thanks so much Serio, good luck with your app! and yenta its not me that makes them decisions, however if you pass id be more then happy to take you on!
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;P haha
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Great app, great player, great staff. Pleasure to work along side and a pleasure to be around. Polite etc. in game and deals with sits correctly. Couldn't say a bad thing about twomey and I feel hes an upcoming star of talent in our staff ranks (and believe me I don't say this sort of stuff about many). +1 from me.
If you need me, message me on the forums or poke me on TS.
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good trusted good app
Heart Thanks for reading homeslice +1 me if you love me Heart
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Posted by Keeper of Pandas - Today 11:25 PM
good trusted good app

.... *facepalm*
If you need me, message me on the forums or poke me on TS.
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don't be rude. Smile
Heart Thanks for reading homeslice +1 me if you love me Heart
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Thanks Zopther, all your help means so much to me! And thanks keeperSmile
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