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Respect Commitment Success (RCS)

Shermon (once again)
Your in-game name: Laggy McFacestab

In-game name of the player you are reporting? Shermon

Why are you reporting them? disrespect again

Do you have any evidence to support your claim? a screenshot

Show your evidence here if you have any http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...=458268135

What is your side of this story? Shermon disrespects me for no reason

What punishment are you wanting by making this reporting this player e.g. Ban/warn etc? Ban him permanently I am sick to death of him
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I know he does this alot, sometimes he stays just between the rules, maybe its time for him for a good time out.
Marshall Macker
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your evidence is somebody swearing at you in RP chat... not against the rules -1
not to mention disrespect isn't a perma ban
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I've reported him three times for disrespect and he does it all the time its so frustrating. Yet nobody does anything. They go oh its RP thats fine.
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Take the message. It is in RP thus it is allowed, because of that staff take no action.
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He's constantly disrespecting me. I walk into town and my headphones blare out swears and curses. He constantly swears in chat and he doesn't stop.
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Well, if I notice someone excessively swearing in RP I personally would do something about it as its really not necessary.
If you need me, message me on the forums or poke me on TS.
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No offence but you take this 'disrespect' too seriously. Just walk along. Its isn't hard to ignore someone or to just turn down your volume. Locally mute them if its that bad. Fair enough Shermon may be using it quite excessively, but seriously... Its not that much of a big deal. -1.
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When he is on the server this is all he dose to players and staff.
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It's an insult to this community that he hasn't been permanently banned.
[Image: 877beacbf98e26ce1ee3831719080564.png]

Also, here are images from previous reports on shermon, from laggy.

[Image: 0ffe8df5f5bec7b8a45a3e8b41b50d8b.png]
[Image: e33da6cfdafc606a62a1879758f4e1e6.png]
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