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spuddys trusted application
Your Steam name: spudguntripp10
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:64814838

Your In-game name: spuddy

Your Age: 12

How many Garry's mod hours have you got in total: 212 hours

In what country are you located?: the uk

Your play-time on the server: 4 days

How active can you be on the server: very

Are you active the Advanced Gaming TeamSpeak: yes

Do you have a mic and are you able to use it: yes

Your English level on a scale of 1 - 10 (writing and speaking): speaking 9 writeing 5/6

Is this the first application you've made for this rank; if no please state what attempt: this is my 3rd try as i failed the interview

Have you received any kicks/bans/warnings and why: 2 warn

Do you have any previous experience as a staff member in a community; if so, please state what rank and explain your duties as that rank: i was a admin/moderator on a habbo retro called eubbo

Many people will be applying for this rank; what makes you stand out e.g. any special skills (Should be at least 1 paragraph answer): I am a friendly 12 year old boy who will listen to each side of the story and help until the job is done, i am very active both on teamspeak 3 and the server i help with even the smallest problems. I am quick to players and help new players by showing them how the server works. now after the interview I have improved my skills i now know how i can improve from hstorm

Do you understand, that if you're in-active without a valid reason you will be demoted: yes

Do you understand, that you will have to be forum, server and TeamSpeak 3 active or you will face a demotion: yes

Do you understand, that if you do get denied, this means you can apply again: yes
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Good guy active. I think he fits trusted+1
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What are the warnings for?

Also you are TS And server active. Little bit more forum active though. +1
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Not a bad app, but more detail could be added. Friendly player, "not bad " VIP Admin and fairly active on both TS and server, but needs to be more website active. I hope getting the rank will stop you from screaming/yelling/swearing/whatever on TS, when someone breaks a rule or carjacks/raids/mugs you. +1
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Mhm. I'm 50/50. I shall admit, you have gotten better at sits, and dealing with people. But.. Eh, I don't know. You're on TS a lot, and server, just become more forum active. +1
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Poor detail and you break rules often

But you have gotten better
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+1 You are active but you need to be more forum active for I do not see many posts from you. But it needs more detail, maybe put a little more time into your app.
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Your application has now been ACCEPTED, you now proceed to the INTERVIEW STAGE. Make sure you are in the Interview Room Waiting Room 1 Saturday between 3PM - 5PM UK time. If you cant make it please contact a superadmin or above.
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Grats spuddy
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This can't end well.....
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