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luke's application 2
Your Steam name:| AG | ⚡lukе⚡

Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:45864484

Your In-game name:lukeh

Your Age:12-13

How many Garry's mod hours have you got in total:1.040

In what country are you located?:australia

Your play-time on the server:12

How active can you be on the server:help people who are being rdm.

Are you active the Advanced Gaming TeamSpeak: yes just joined

Do you have a mic and are you able to use it:able to abit

Your English level on a scale of 1 - 10 (writing and speaking):4

Is this the first application you've made for this rank; if no please state what attempt:failed on first.

Have you received any kicks/bans/warnings and why:1 warn

Do you have any previous experience as a staff member in a community; if so, please state what rank and explain your duties as that rank:trusted
duteies is to not abuse and help people

Many people will be applying for this rank; what makes you stand out e.g. any special skills (Should be at least 1 paragraph answer):i am abit bossy when people are liering.and if they rdm there be in jail 100 secons or rda.if needed just in case.

Do you understand, that if you're in-active without a valid reason you will be demoted:yes

Do you understand, that you will have to be forum, server and TeamSpeak 3 active or you will face a demotion:yes

Do you understand, that if you do get denied, this means you can apply again:yes

thanks for looking at my app

who reads this hope its good Big GrinBig Grin

lets see now

[Image: avatar_15077.gif?dateline=1425125186]
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Firstly, your first application hasn't even been denied yet. And, if it had. You applied again too soon. And it lacks so much detail like the last one. So, again, a -1
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i know but i made better it looked bad really ok so be nice.

you say that becase you want trusted.
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I am being nice. I could've been much harsher if I wanted too, but I'm not like that. And I said the above because it's true.
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done matter ok Big Grin good luck for me.
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Look lukeh, you CANNOT make another app before your first app gets denied. Getting lots of -support on your first app does not mean you got denied, and doesn't give you the chance to post another one. This app is not better in any way, maybe worse. No detail, no efford put into this app. You are still not active on TS and server. Here's a gigantic -1 from me if you want to know my opinion.
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the other one was bad
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You dont get the point, in order to post a second app, the first app needs to be denied first.
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That doesn't matter, you should've asked a Superadmin to edit your application, not delete it and post a new one. Cannot say this one is better than the last one tho, whatever. We already rated the other one, you had 6 -supports and no +supports.
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and i am on ts
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