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MilitaryRP OLD Server Rules
We encourage our users to share our server with the world by making youtube videos or posts and share us with your friends to help us develop!

*Rules are a subject to change at any time without any notification!
Not everything needs to be written down, some stuff are very obvious, just use your common sense.

Staff are allowed to act upon offences that may not be stated in the rules thread, but have been committed in-game!


ADDONS PACK - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...=348241532

New Rules
- You can have unsupported cameras. However, they must not be above head height and must be clearly visible (not an in-visible texture.)
- No huge walls across the map.
- Marine's can not own houses in the town.
- Taliban's can not own houses in the town.
- Taliban's must /advert and give people time to run if they are to bomb the town.
- Marine Captain or above / Police Chief  / Afghan Liberator are the only ones that can build checkpoints in the town.
-  If you have been arrested immediately after being tazed, it is FailRP to try and walk away. This is knowingly abusing a glitch, and will result in a suitable punishment. This could be a Warn/Jail/Ban depending on what the staff member decides.

Staff should know the above rules. However, because they are new they may not. If you find yourself being punished for something that has been made allowed, please refer them to this part of the rules.

Abuse of Bugs/Glitches/Exploits

Abusing any sort of glitch/bug/exploit on the server to gain an advantage will result in a permanent ban and that advantage(money, weapons or any other advantages)being confiscated from your possession as well as any VIP perks/packages that you may have owned. Anyone found abusing glitches/bugs/exploits will not be given the chance to request an unban appeal on the forum.

Accepting illegitimate money/weapons will result in a permanent ban if it remains unreported. If you have found or have been given illegitimate money/weapons, you must report it to a staff member or create a thread on the forum in the report section. This will allow us to deal with the problem if it hasn't been dealt with already and it will prevent you from being wrongfully punished. We class illegitimate money as any large sum of money found on the floor, or given randomly by a player that has not played enough on the server or donated to have earned that sum of money legitimately. We class illegitimate weapons as any amount of weapons that have been either bought with illegitimate money or have been generated into the game illegitimately(for example a staff member spawning it in, or from abusing a glitch/bug/exploit).

We encourage our players to keep a constant eye on our richlist by typing !richlist in-game as it allows you to see if somebody has gotten a large amount of money in a small amount of time. This way you would also be able to see what state the server's economy  is like and if for example the richest player has 10 million and you are given 20 million from a random player; then that clearly shows some sort of wrong-doing has happened in order for that sum of money to have been generated into the game. Also, paying attention to the game time of players will also help you make some sort of judgement on whether or not the person has gotten their money legitimately(it would usually take around 8 hours for a VIP member to make around 1 million). If you notice that a certain player has simply not played enough time on the server or has not donated for money, has a sum of money that you think is illegitimate; then please do report it to a staff member so that an investigation for that case can be started.


Interaction with Admins

Admins are here to help you, do not argue or provoke them, follow the rules, and when requesting an admin try to explain yourself the best way. Follow what the admin says even if it is not specified in the rules and do not start arguing with them, if an admin breaks a rules or being extremely rude to you, you may report him on the forums. Remember that the admins are administrating to make your experience and play time better, please respect them (as well the other players on the server).


General Rules

- Taliban's can KOS Marines
- Marines can KOS Taliban's
- You do not need to /advert RAID on this server
- NLR applies to all jobs apart from Taliban and Marines
- NLR (New life rule) lasts for 4 minutes long.
- Do not Propclimb/push/kill/abuse/minge/ETC
- Play Fair. (No Glitching/Head Glitching/ETC)
- Do not block any part of the front entrance of town.
- You are not allowed to Hijack a Helicopter.
- Any job can build practically anywhere however use common sense.
- NO printing or having any sort of bases/houses on the hills.
- You must /advert carjack.
- Oil is Legal
-Taliban and Marines can only have 1 fading door with keypads max
- You may have extra fading doors if they are opened and closed with buttons rather than keypads.
- Other jobs may have 4 fading doors with keypads.
- No crouch bases
- Bases must be able to fit at least 3 people when they are raiding.
- Marines CAN have XP Generators
- Marines CAN NOT have Money Printers
- Taliban's can have XP Generators and Money printers.


- May (KOS) any Taliban.
- Do not raid/mug/threat Locals/Police
- May raid Taliban
- May make forts 
- Do not steal from anyone. (except Taliban)
- Listen to your officer.
- Do not spawncamp/trap/block/ETC
- Even though you are unable to TeamKill don't fire bullets at your own team its unrealistic.
- Do not own doors at town.


- May (KOS) any Marine.
- Do not raid/mug/threat Locals/Police
- May raid Marines
- May make forts 
- May have any type of printer
- Do not steal from anyone. (except Marines)
- Listen to your Leader.
- Do not spawncamp/trap/block/ETC
- Even though you are unable to TeamKill don't fire bullets at your own team its unrealistic.
- Do not own doors at town.
-when town bombing you must kill more marines than other jobs 

Basic Terms you may notice on the server

OOC - Out Of Character
IC - In Character
RDM - Random Death Match
NLR - New Life Rule
FDA - Fading Door Abuse
RDA - Random Arrest
Meta - Metagaming
CP - Police (Civil Protection)
L2AP - Leaving To Avoid Punishment
RP - Role-Play
IRL - In Real Life


What is NLR

New life rule (NLR) - So the new life rule on Advanced is 4 minutes. What this basically means is you shall not return to the point where you died until the 4 minutes are up. Nlr also means you can’t remember something from a previous life for example, if a local Thug comes into your gun shop and raids/kills you, you can’t then refuse to serve him in your shop because of this situation as it happened in a previous life.

Remember!!! You can look in the top of the screen to see when the NLR is over after respawn !


What is RDM (Random Death Match)

It sounds at first kind of a complicated term but when you put it simply it means : "Don't randomly kill people as you please". This means you have to have an actual VALID reason to kill a person.
Some criteria’s for killing people are :

• Your life must be threatened
• Someone poses a threat during your raid (They have to have a gun out!)
• If you are being raided this counts as a threat and you can shoot your intruders.
• You mug someone and they don't have the required amount of money and runs away. If someone drops the money and you still kill them it will be taken as rdm/failRP because they did what you ordered.


What is Job Abuse

One of the main meanings behind job abuse is where you use a piece of equipment, like a you go guard to protect the shop then you want to go thief so you drop the weapon change job to Local Thug and pick it up Another “job abuse” example is you take damage as a thief, After this you swap to a medic to then heal yourself, then straight after you heal yourself you swap back to a Local Thief.


What is FailRP

In any RP server we hope that you try and RP as well as possible. Many of the job titles explain the main purpose of the job, this helps players to know what their job role requires them to do. Some examples of Fail RP could be:
- Marine working with a Taliban
- Dog having a gun


What is FDA (Fading Door Abuse)

Fading door abuse (FDA) - The meaning of this rule is that you cannot open/close your door with your key binds or buttons VERY quickly. Minimum time you can have your door open on AGN is 5 seconds, meaning that if you have a keypad that is at default set to 4 seconds you need to modify it to 5 seconds. If you open and close the door but don't hold it open for 5 seconds it is taken as FDA. For example you are being raided and you open the fading door to shoot out and close it before 5 seconds.

Some other rules surrounding fading doors:
• There must be space between to for at least 3 members to stand in.
• You have to have a keypad/button on EACH side of the fading door!
• You may only have 4 fading doors per BASE EG 3 for getting in and 1 for printers


What is RDA (Random Arrest)

As an officer of the law it is important that you follow the laws that the Liberator has put in place. If you arrest someone and it bypasses the laws that the mayor has placed this will be classed as a random arrest. If you are sure that you are arresting someone for a valid reason you should always let them know why they are being arrested before arresting them. Example:
"Sir, you are being placed under arrest for possession of an illegal weapon"

Always make sure that the person you are arresting has broken the law, failing to do so will result in a demotion and is classed as RDA.


Building Specific Rules

1. All Fading Doors Must Have A Visible Keypad on BOTH sides of the door.
2. All Keypads must be reachable and crackable
3. All Keypads must do something, No fake keypads.
4. All Keypads must have a 5 second Hold Time
5. All bases must be raidable
6. Your base must be enterable without crouching or jumping. (i.e. No Death tunnels)
7. No Walls that Come Down to players Knees so you can shoots their feet but they can’t 
see you
8. Do not shoot through 1 way viewable props.
9. No using E2 Doors to run in and out of to shoot people.
10. No Stacking Faded doors
11. There must be enough room between fading doors that a group of 3 can move between them.
12. You can Build on the street.
13. No Floating Bases
14. Any Floating Platform Must Have Support Structures
15. No Faded Stairs, Ramps, or Walkways
16. KOS signs cannot be more than a Foot from your base (1x1 Plate for Reference)
17. No Invisible Mazes
18. Do Not build or spawn Props while raiding or being raided.
19. Do NOT spawn props in other peoples bases.
20. When building a base or a shop on the roof they must have a world door. This means a 
door that is already in the world. Spawning a door does not count. You cannot build sky-
bases/roof bases without a world door linking it. Players must be able to get into your base with out use of their own props or anything like that.
21. All bases that are going to be built in street MUST be authorised by a superadmin. If the Superadmin or higher says no its a no.
22. You cannot have a building sign if your base contains rp specific items eg. printers, guns, meth or weed plants.
23. The max fading doors you can have per base is 5 with keypads. for example 3 to enter base 2 for printers and weapons or 2 to get in to the base and 3 for printers and weapons etc.
24. AT LEAST 3 people must be able to fit in the gap of 2 fading doors when raiding a base.
25) You need an amount of 5 gang members to own a second building.

What to do with Kidnaps
When a kidnapping is going down you must ALL report to the place the person has been kidnapped, as it is a giant thing. If anyone fails to respond to the Kidnapping they are viable to be placed in an admin sit and talked to about how it is FailRP to refuse to go to the area, especially if the mayor is being kidnapped. When dealing with a kidnapping you are basically going to be setting for a raid, so barricades are allowed. You may not however block an entire area up but you can set up an area of AoS to show where not to go to avoid Citizens from intervening with the situation.

Now the most important thing is to maintain the safety of the hostage ! This means that storm the building is only the very last resort, just getting communication with the kidnapper and stall him while you set up positions to take him down. Or simply comply with the kidnapper if you have no other options. It is very important that the Chief of Police and SWAT Leader steps in and leads the situation!


Kidnapping Rules

1) You can only have a maximum of 2 people kidnapped at one time

2) You cannot kidnap people in the middle of the street, this must be done in a secluded (hidden) area.

3) You can only keep someone kidnapped for a maximum of 10 minutes. if you keep the person for 10 minutes and no one bails the player out you have the liability to realise them or kill them.

4) You cannot kidnap the same person for 30 minutes

5) The max you can demand for an hostage is 10K.

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