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Many people have said i don't reply quick enough or they can't get in contact with me in steam this is because i can not be logged in 24/7 to steam. Also i have aver 250 contacts in steam therefore it is very hard to get back to people. As a few people know i used to contact me on Message Me. However i am going to delete that as i do not use that much anymore.

This is the new application use, it can be used on many different smartphone devices such as Iphone/ Android etc. You only need to enter username and password therefore its pretty safe. Its a free app and free to text people. Therefore i would say it is well worth downloading.


There is a link which shows you what it does and layout

My username is hboy1000 or just tell me yours in steam or on website and i will add you.

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Should have gotten WhatsApp instead. You can make group chats and such on that, plus it's on most smartphones (Iphone, Android etc) Luckily I also have kik anyway so I'll add you now.
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i don't have an android device only :/
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Shrek if you have an Android (I don't exactly understand what you're saying) you can get it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/detai...ik.android but if you don't have an Android and you have say a Blackberry you can get it here http://kik.com/jme/notsupported.php but you have to download it directly from your Blackberry.
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oh alright from what i heard is this app was Apple devices only
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Yap and Got what's app and that's good app Smile
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I have kik and my username is SpokySage so you can add me and we can be best texting buddies fo' eva!
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My username is MiroGos add me in case you need to speak to me whenever I am not on...
[Image: P3vlnQx.gif]
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sounds fun i may do it but i may pass out on it lol MUAHAHAHA
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Also Hboy... have you ever thought of getting skype and only giving your username to your admins? (security reasons) in case there is an emergency they can easily contact you there?
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