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Activity over next few days
My activity over the next few days will be stuttering because when I play any game i play for like 30 mins then my computer crashes, and then i try to find out why but nothing yet. Am trying to fix it at the moment but just letting you know i wont be on as much.

EDIT: 12/01/2017: I have found a fix and there was something wrong we my graphics card and it was also loose inside my pc. The problem has now stopped. I have also ordered a new cpu fan as the CPU was getting hot too so hopefully this wont happen again

Yet another edit: will also have fluctuating activity over next few days! I have had yet another issue! I have reinstalled windows but need to install drivers for everything else and reinstall everything so I won't be on for long as there is so much to do.
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Activity over next few days - Rico Rodriguez - 01-11-2017, 06:43 PM

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