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IWIKU REBORN - HStorm - 04-23-2018

I am not going to explain where I have been however all you need to know is I am back now and back for good. I will apologise to the people who continued to support the community by playing on a daily basis and donating to the server because I have let those people down. I made this community a few years ago with the goal of making a friendly, social and happy community however over the past months to year now there has just been to much toxicity from previous members in the group who have now since left because they got tired of waiting and honestly looking back it now I am happy about that. 

Reborn was my first community name and I decided to add it to my steam name and as the title on the thread because I have the same motivation from when I first started making the server. Its like a fresh start for me and a chance to really rebuild and create the best community I can. 

Yes people don't like change always but I am going to go step by step and make it easy not just for the people in the community but for myself to which will cut out all of the false promises which from my end is very unprofessional regardless of the circumstances.

There has been a major staff reshuffle on my behalf. I am going to restructure a lot of things regarding staff in general and go back to what worked best in my opinion. Trusted applications will get answered every Thursday and an interview will happen on TeamSpeak/Discord. I will explain this more in another post tomorrow because there still could be a few changes as I have pmed a few people.

There are going to be a new set of expectations which will be posted on the forums. I am not even going to class it as rules however its just some simple guidelines so people can actually feel welcomes and want to play the server and not just avoid it because a minority. "Treat others how you want to be treated" If you follow this you will be fine. Its going to be simple I will have a zero tolerance attitude against bullying, leaving people out for no reason or just generally picking on someone. It will be straight forward ban permanently. I would rather have a smaller community with the right group of people than a larger group of people where people target or try and get one up on each other, just play the server for fun and meet new people along the way.

Donation system
The sign in problem has now been fixed

I have removed everyone of my steam friends list feel free to add me back if you want its nothing personal but I had people on there who were always just so negative or bitchy about people. I will accept everyone who plays the server and has the same goals and visions as myself. People who add me who are just hear to say my server is "smeg" or just to complain about someones personality. 


This will be talked about in a separate thread tomorrow morning

The join issue has been fixed and updates will come on this server which will be explained in a thread tomorrow

Ranking System
There will be a small change to the ranking system on the forums. Staff Veteran rank has been removed and a new rank will come in called respected which a post will integrate into staff changes which will come tomorrow

I know there are probably a lot of questions unanswered however just be patient and I am sure over the coming days they will be answered. 

RE: IWIKU REBORN - chesiren - 06-07-2018

"I am back now and back for good"....
"I have the same motivation from when I first started making the server".....
why are you inactive? :/
you have never spoken in the discord since its creation ...
i never seen you in the game...

...when are you back?

RE: IWIKU REBORN - Xaxi - 06-13-2018

Lol ezio remove my post because i said the truth