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Staff Meeting - YodaTheSith - 01-04-2017

There will be a meeting on Friday 6th January 2017 at 5:00 (GMT). This is Staff only and is mandatory. If you cannot come please post on this thread. 

We will be going over mentoring, how to post mentor threads and how to deal with situations involving staff etc. I feel this needs to be said as many people have forgotten/ignored some of the guidelines and mandatory things set.

RE: Admin+ Meeting - Rico Rodriguez - 01-04-2017

Will be there

RE: Admin+ Meeting - DutchYente - 01-04-2017

Not sure if i will be there because i have to eat around that hour so for me its a

Will not be there

(. If we eat earlier or later i can come but don't know it )

RE: Admin+ Meeting - Ezio - 01-04-2017

I won't be there as I'm working.

RE: Staff Meeting - Technomite - 01-05-2017

Can't attend I need to do my Spanish controller assessment on Friday after school so if I do attend I will be very very late

RE: Staff Meeting - Elliscool23 - 01-05-2017

I might just make it as i am doing in school commitments (football)

RE: Staff Meeting - ashbash122 - 01-05-2017

can't make the weekend meeting's

RE: Staff Meeting - Marshall Macker - 01-05-2017

Can't make it to the meeting

RE: Staff Meeting - Ashman6 - 01-06-2017

I will not be there due to going out at the time to meet family in England.

RE: Staff Meeting - Fr3dden - 01-06-2017

Will not be able to make it to the meeting going to grandparents.