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Meeting/Update - HStorm - 12-31-2016

I would like to apologise for yesterday my internet kept going On/Off/On/Off constantly  

There will be a Meeting Monday 2nd January 2017 3PM all staff must attend if you cannot make it please post on this thread, users/members are welcome to come however it is not mandatory.

The Demotions/Promotions thread will be posted January 1st between 10PM-1AM just after the New Year. I have sent a copy to Latchy so just in case my internet goes down again he will be a be the one to post it for me. Normally if my internet goes down Fr3dden is the one to post the thread however he is away on holiday like his absence thread shows.

The update on the MilitaryRP and the Call Of Gmod servers will come before the meeting sorry for the change of times constantly. there will be NO interviews today the Trusted applications will be responded to on the 1st January and Interviews will be on the 2nd January after the meeting so between 4PM-5PM. Anyone who is on trial i will speak to them after the meeting.

I hope everyone has a good night tonight and lets have 2017 being the best year it can be!

RE: Meeting/Update - Yente - 12-31-2016

First of all  CATCHY ? xD  :  I have sent a copy to catchy ( Latchy maby ? )

Its fine it isn't your fault that your wifi shutdown Big Grin

I come to the meeting if anything change's i will repost

Happy New Year to everybody and also Happ New Year hstorm Big Grin

RE: Meeting/Update - Mateo Santoro - 12-31-2016

Happy new year everyone! Ill be there.

RE: Meeting/Update - Marshall Macker - 12-31-2016

I can't come then, have to work Sad

RE: Meeting/Update - Rico Rodriguez - 12-31-2016

should be able to attend the meeting

RE: Meeting/Update - |IWIKU| MassiveWaffle - 12-31-2016

i will come ( i forget my time zone is 2+ and not 2-)
if anything changed i update

RE: Meeting/Update - Technomite - 12-31-2016

Update : I'm out for lunch and shopping so ibmay be late or unable to come sorry

RE: Meeting/Update - Roi_Dani - 01-01-2017

Managed to download ts so i will attend

RE: Meeting/Update - Ashman6 - 01-01-2017

I will not be able to attend due to I'm going back to England that day and will be on aeroplane while the meeting is happening.

RE: Meeting/Update - Lone Wolf - 01-01-2017

I should be able to attend, will update/inform you if I can't