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Last post by Fr3dden

  MilitaryRP update
Posted by: Fr3dden - Today, 01:39 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

I have been informed by HStorm to post this unfortunately he has had some slight bad news yesterday which he had to attend to and would be staying the night. He will return home at 7am in the morning, I do not have all of the details about this however due to this problem the update has been delayed by one day. This may be a beneficial thing because this will mean HStorm will not rush the huge update. The MilitaryRP Update will be released Monday the 23/01/2017 at 7AM. Sorry for the inconvenience. HStorm has assured me this will only be a 1 day delay.

  MilitaryRP Revamp
Posted by: HStorm - Yesterday, 07:03 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (6)

There is going to be a huge revamp on the MilitaryRP server. The server is going to be locked  for the whole of today and will return Sunday at 7am. This will be the biggest update seen on one of my Garry's mod servers in over 3 years a lot has been redesigned and changed. Models/Jobs/Map/F4 menu/Printers etc etc

Lets start with the map. I have had a custom map made by Jean. This map will be exclusive to this server and only this server. Previous maps this community has had have really been hit and miss. This map offers EVERYTHING in my opinion. The screenshots I have taken are of some of the map. The screenshots do not really give justification to how good the map really is. This map offers a full USABLE training course for the marines. many houses, Taliban Base, capture points and lots of space and even a police department. This map is pretty big however this is what I wanted so we could introduce more advanced vehicles such as Tanks and Helicopter which will be added in this update. Any bugs that are found in the map will be fixed by the developer however me and Fred have checked and haven't found any yet. The best thing about this map is we expect high FPS. I get over 100FPS on this map and I have a bad laptop Fr3dden gets 150-200FPS.

These are some screenshots of the map however like I didn't really have that much time to take them perfectly. There is much more to the map than the screenshots i have took however no fun in given it all away Smile


The Call Of Gmod update will take place in the coming days with 3 new maps and other additions.

More about this will be discussed in today's meeting. Thanks for reading.

Posted by: HStorm - 01-17-2017, 04:47 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (11)

There will be a Meeting Saturday 21st January 2017 4PM all staff must attend if you cannot make it please post on this thread, users/members are welcome to come however it is not mandatory.

I would like to first apologize for not being on over the weekend as much as I could I have been really sick and when I am sick my parents do not let me on my laptop to get better I pmed all of the high staff of my absence. I would like to thank the people I pmed who did the interviews and looked after the server keeping me up to date along the way.

Before the meeting on Saturday there will be an update on MilitaryRP, Call Of Gmod 1 and Call Of Gmod 2 servers which will be explained in a changelog. I will be working hard on all of the servers and producing the best possible updates for the servers.

I am in the process today in editing and updating the spreadsheet. I have decided to reset everyone's scores on the spreadsheet and change many things to do with it. I have introduced the point system to the spreadsheet aswell as a few other things that will be finished off today. There will be a separate thread on this.

The staff of the week for the date of 15/01/2017 was Ashman he was outstanding at the weekend along with many other staff however he went the extra mile for the server making sure everything was good and okay. He contacted me when he was stuck and I responded to him asap.

I would also like to give some other people credit who were outstanding during last week

If I did not mention you its not that your bad its very hard for me to notice everyone sometimes people go unappreciated thats why I will try to find every week give out rewards to staff members that go the extra mile for the server. These people above went the extra mile for the server last week that I noticed.

  Staff Meeting
Posted by: YodaTheSith - 01-04-2017, 05:35 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (11)

There will be a meeting on Friday 6th January 2017 at 5:00 (GMT). This is Staff only and is mandatory. If you cannot come please post on this thread. 

We will be going over mentoring, how to post mentor threads and how to deal with situations involving staff etc. I feel this needs to be said as many people have forgotten/ignored some of the guidelines and mandatory things set.

Posted by: HStorm - 01-02-2017, 07:49 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (2)

On time as ever! I have posted the Promotions and Demotions thread I am really sorry for the delay on that the link to the thread is here


There has been an huge update on the Call Of Gmod Server's 1 and 2 more information in the changelog below


Posted by: HStorm - 12-31-2016, 10:37 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (11)

I would like to apologise for yesterday my internet kept going On/Off/On/Off constantly  

There will be a Meeting Monday 2nd January 2017 3PM all staff must attend if you cannot make it please post on this thread, users/members are welcome to come however it is not mandatory.

The Demotions/Promotions thread will be posted January 1st between 10PM-1AM just after the New Year. I have sent a copy to Latchy so just in case my internet goes down again he will be a be the one to post it for me. Normally if my internet goes down Fr3dden is the one to post the thread however he is away on holiday like his absence thread shows.

The update on the MilitaryRP and the Call Of Gmod servers will come before the meeting sorry for the change of times constantly. there will be NO interviews today the Trusted applications will be responded to on the 1st January and Interviews will be on the 2nd January after the meeting so between 4PM-5PM. Anyone who is on trial i will speak to them after the meeting.

I hope everyone has a good night tonight and lets have 2017 being the best year it can be!

  Update Tonight
Posted by: HStorm - 12-30-2016, 12:00 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (5)

I would first of like to thank everyone for being very patient over the last few days with my response times etc. I have been really sick and really have been struggling to get on for this reason. I have woke up this morning and am feeling a lot better.

There are going to be 2 updates coming tonight the first is going to be the Call Of Gmod 1 server this will be locked tonight sometime where I will be balancing classes, adding/changing maps adding logs and more. The call Of Gmod 2 server will still be up for people to play on while server 1 is being updated. 

The MilitaryRP will also be having a massive update and rebrand there will be a full change log and post tonight about this.

I have been thinking over the last week and I feel before the new year starts I feel there is going to be a big change over the staff team across both servers. Many staff members in my opinion are making excuses and not enjoying the community as much and just making excuses to not come on which is not right. My decision will be final and will not change. There will be some promotions and demotions which will also be put on the forum tonight.

There will also be a meeting on the 2nd of January 2017 however there will be a post in the coming days.

Posted by: HStorm - 12-28-2016, 08:14 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (3)

Tonight me and Fred have done an update on the Call Of Gmod server 2. Before I get into what has changed we have two Call of Gmod Servers:

Call Of Gmod 1
Call Of Gmod 2

eg if you are level 40 on server 1 hop on server 2 you will have the same stats!)

Me and Fr3dden have spent all of the night updating the Call Of Gmod 2 Server. We have revamped all of the maps and made the Call Of Gmod 2 server DOWNTOWN maps only. This will give the Call Of Gmod 1 server a chance to rotate around the maps other than downtown a little bit more.
There will updates coming over the next few days both call of Gmod Server 1 and 2 featuring things like Zones this will stop spawn killing what will happen is the Taliban spawn will not be able to be accessed by marines and marines will not be able to get close enough to Taliban to spawn kill them. We will also be working on the map voting system, Time Trackers and much more. We will be re-balancing the classes to make the teams a lot more fair. Full changelog will be posted each update.

Call Of Gmod Server 1 Map Pool
rp_downtown_v4c_thehighway (XMAS Map will be removed in January sometime)

Call Of Gmod Server 2 Map Pool
rp_downtown_v4c_thehighway (XMAS Map will be removed in January sometime)
rp_bangclaw_drp_winter_v1 (XMAS Map will be removed in January sometime unless not liked)

There will also be a MilitaryRP update which will be a huge update and revamp the server in the next coming days will be explained in a separate thread when completed.

I would like to Thank Fr3dden for his help all of tonight I have actually been really really sick from around 5PM till not if honest and he offered to stay up all night with me to fix spawns for the Call Of Gmod server 2 in order to make this release today rather than tomorrow. This really did help me and saved me around 2-3 hours. Fr3dden also helped with making sure everyone's data links from server 1 to server 2 this took us hours but worth the effort. I would like to thank everyone that has been really patient coming on the server and supporting the server in anyway possible we really appreciate it whether thats adding IWIKU to your steam name or donating money. We are always looking for suggestions and working hard to get updates done as fast as possible.



  Call Of Gmod Update
Posted by: HStorm - 12-27-2016, 12:53 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (5)

There has been a small update on the Call Of Gmod server changing a few maps around and adding some new maps.


rp_downtown_v4c_thehighway (XMAS Map will be removed in January sometime)

Current Map Pool
rp_downtown_v4c_thehighway (XMAS Map will be removed in January sometime)

If people find maps they would like to add in the future they should definitely make a suggestion we are working really hard in making improvements on the server. There will be an update on this server tonight where some jobs will be balanced among other things.

There are some there maps on the server however these are not ready or default maps on the server. Use only the current map pool changing to a map not in the current map pool will result in immediate strip of rank.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas


Posted by: HStorm - 12-24-2016, 06:46 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (2)

There is a 50% sale starting from today till the 2nd January 50% off I only do 2 sales a year best get in while you can. To check this out hit the donate button on the navigation bar.

On a side note I would like to note the work of an outstanding member on this community. The call Of Gmod server has done very well today and I have had numerous people say to this 1 staff member is great over and over again. Everyone seems to know his name on the server and he has done an excellent job. His name is Elliscool23. I have run a server for 2 years and never had these sort of numbers on one of my servers from 1AM onwards which is very impressive
Its really nice to see people come up to me saying this is amazing keep up the good work etc etc really good.


4.30am in morning see my clock on right

This is great to see so many people like this gamemode I have created I have been informed on many bugs which are currently in progress of being fixed. There will also be 3 new maps coming to this server 2 staying permanently if liked and one is a Christmas map which will stay till January. I would like to say thanks to the people who have helped along so far and the dedicated users who come on and enjoy the server.

However 2 biggest appreciations have to go to
QuickSilver for getting being at times the only person on wanting this server to grow and willing to sit there and wait

Elliscool23 for helping every player on the server and spending a huge amount of time making events, helping out players on the server and generally just being on constantly. I know I already mentioned him above but that was briefly

Everyone who plays any of my Garry's Mod servers and enjoys it helps this community progress forward and rise to becoming the best Garry's Mod community we possibly can..

Lets keep this sort of stuff up I have many new ideas planned for that server any suggestions will also be great. I have made sections on the forum for this server and if you click apply for staff applications for this server are now open. Lets progress this community forward not back!

There will be an update on the MilitaryRP this coming weekend maybe Monday night latest this will include new cars vehicles and more

Have a nice Christmas


The IWIKU Gaming server was formed in Sepetember 2012 by myself and we have only grown stronger over the years the IWIKU Gaming community strives to be the best gaming community. We currently own the ORGINAL MilitaryRP server which continues to grow. Myself wished to create a gaming community in which players could have the best gameplay possible!