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1 Online IWIKU Gaming | MilitaryRP (FIXING) | Taliban's VS Marines | NEE
1/40 - 3 %
2 Online IWIKU Gaming | Call Of Gmod | LEADERBOARDS | PRESTIGE | Need St
9/52 - 17 %
3 Online  IWIKU Gaming | CSGO | Team Deathmatch | Knives | Skins | Need S
0/24 - 0 %
    Total servers: 3     Total players: 10     Total slots: 116     Total empty slots: 106     Percent players: 9 %     Record players: 77

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Posted by: HStorm - 03-22-2017, 06:48 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (3)

The MilitaryRP will be released Friday 24/03/2017. The server is net to finish the IP will be which will be added to the server list later today. I would like to thank Fred for all of his hard work this week especially dealing with tough situations on and off the server. One of Fred's relatives went through a life saving operation on Monday which went very successfully. I did not want to re-release the server on this day because i feel that wouldn't have been right.  He will also not be on to much today due to him going to see this person. This is a very touchy subject for fr3dden so please do not barrage him with questions who it was and what was wrong with the person. So I would like to also add I am very happy the operation went successful and they can get there lives back to normal. The reason I wanted to change the server release date because I feel its only fair for Fred to also be able to see the release of the server also he will be able to watch over the call of Gmod server so I can make sure the MilitaryRP runes successfully.

Moving onto the MilitaryRP re release which comes tomorrow. There will be a revamp of the rules by myself which will be posted today at some point. There will also be a few other changes on the forum for the MilitaryRP. I believe the server will be better than ever with a lot of changed features from suitable printers all the way to Oil. I am very excited about re releasing this server. Like I said in a previous thread a full changelog will be posted tonight, over 25 things have been changed and adjusted which will mean there should be next to no bugs and a lot better roleplay experienced. I have also developed a way to make the custom jobs less op and to improve the Police department. One main thing I have changed about the police department is Armor NPC which will only be available to the police force for a small fee.

You guys should expect to see a few posts on the forum over the course of tomorrow so please look out for this. The MilitaryRP staff should make sure they go over the new set of rules tomorrow



Respect Commitment Success

  MilitaryRP Release
Posted by: HStorm - 03-20-2017, 06:16 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (5)

First of all I would like to apologise for the forums being down this morning. The issue occurred has now been fixed. The MilitaryRP will be returning tomorrow 23/03/2017 7AM better than ever. I wanted to bring back the unique feel to the server and will try to make my best to make it how it was originally just improved and optimised. The server slots have been reduced from 60 to 40 this will mean lag should not happen a lot on the server which was a problem we previously had. The map has been changed to back to the original map we first used on the server, the name of the map is rp_cscdesert_v2-1_propfix for people who don't know. There have been many changes which will be explained in the change log that will come tonight. My focus from tomorrow will be to make sure this server gets back on track meanwhile Fr3dden will be focusing on the Call Of Gmod server.

The Call Of Gmod will also have a small update where we will be releasing one new map to the server tonight. There will be new maps added throughout the week. There will be a full changelog posted tonight on all the updates to do with his server.

This is a steam link to the map we will be adding tomorrow so you can subscribe now or take a look. This map will also be added top the collection 


Myself and Fr3dden will be speaking to every staff member individually throughout the week to ask a few questions. Not 1 staff member will be excluded from this.



Respect Commitment Success

  Unveiling Counter Strike Gmod Offensive Server
Posted by: Fr3dden - 03-12-2017, 11:30 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (6)

We are glad to reveal that we are launching our Counter Strike Gmod Offensive. The server will be unlocked from 4PM. The game mode is Team Deathmatch where Terrorists plays against Counter Terrorists face off with different weapons and classes, the spawn points are placed randomly around the map.

The maps that at first will be in use on the server is Dust2, Mirage, Nuke, Overpass, Cobblestone, Office and Italy, the map pool will be updated in the future with the likes of inferno.
The way the levels and ranks will work is you get xp for the kills that you get which will make you level up.

As you already know this server will include CSGO skins, many weapons you will be able to skin as a user however some items you will require you to donate in order to skin this weapon type !donate to see. We will also be using CSGO knives in the server again some will be free and some will be donator. We will be working on an ingame shop for knives in the future

The command used for bringing up the skin menu is +zoom, with most of the weapon this the menu is brought up simply by pressing your RICH CLICK button on your mouse, however with scope weapons you need to type +zoom in console to bring up the menu, to then after that be able to scope in with your right click you need to type -zoom in console again, after this it will be fine.

The rules for the server has already been posted in the forums rules & info section where all the rules are explained and certain expressions as well. We have set the server slots to 24 since we feel like the server otherwise would be overpopulated on the maps and would ruin the gameplay/cause lag.

The Server IP:
Type "connect" in console to join the server

  Counter Strike Gmod Offensive Release
Posted by: HStorm - 03-12-2017, 05:41 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (1)

The release date is almost upon us. I decided to let my younger brother along with a few other people test the server yesterday. Unfortunately they found a few flaws with the gamemode. I will be addressing the flaws and bugs today with Fr3dden. The main bugs and flaws are with he skin editor along with spawn point changes and more. I am very confident I can fix the bugs today. The rules page and the new Donation page will be released today. There will be a separate post on how the donation system works which will come later today 

The Counter Strike Gmod offensive server therefore will be released officially tomorrow at 7AM however will be unlocked from around 3AM tonight. I have added the server to the server bar on the top of the forum so you can see when it goes live. Myself and fr3dden will assess how the first server does on day 1 before deciding whether to release a second server due to player slot capacity.

We have decided to keep the slots at 24 because we feel anymore players than this on the maps we have chosen will create a lot of problems due to the maps being to small for that amount of players.

I will also be updating the Call Of Gmod slightly tonight also featuring new knives and bug fixes change log will be posted when the update has been completed.

Finally I would like to congratulate the new Call Of Gmod Trusted's on passing the interview stage I have now added you to the staff team.

  Major Change
Posted by: HStorm - 03-08-2017, 04:18 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (6)

Like I said in previous threads there is going to be some major change in the community. The final major change to the community is going to be the TeamSpeak. The main TeamSpeak is back up now with a few changes. People who want to play other games will be able to use there private channels to do so. I feel I have had to take the same measure as other Garry's Mod community's have in the past and remove the other games section. This TeamSpeak is for people who want to be apart of the community and I feel at this moment in time many people in the TeamSpeak do not want to be apart of the community. The IWIKU Temp TS will be open for the time being so people can play other games there if they wish.

The second change is a harsh change but myself Latchy and Fred feel this needs to happen. There are a few users in the community who really are not here for right reasons and like I stated above we want the TeamSpeak to be specifically for this community therefore a few members will be banned from the TeamSpeak. They have 2 options from there to appeal the ban on the forum or what i would prefer is when they feel interested in the community and are active on one of the servers to add me in steam and I will unban you. I will not name the people banned from the Teamspeak on this post as this will be very unfair on the people. They can use the Temp TS as they like they will still have there ranks on there and private channels.

The Counter Strike Gmod offensive has had many delays due to myself and the staff team making sure we have the right people on the TeamSpeak and in community to share this server and other servers in the future with. The NEW and final release date will be 13/03/2017 7AM

I would like to welcome back Keeli to the community he will be coming back as the MilitaryRP Headadmin. The MilitaryRP server will be going back under the MilitaryRP gamemode and will be going back to the CS-Desert map which everyone seemed to enjoy the best. The server will have 40 slots and my priority will be to get this server back to what it once was. This will be returning on the 14/03/2017 I promise this date will not be changed.

There will also be a meeting however will be announced in the next coming days 



Respect Commitment Success

  Time For Change
Posted by: HStorm - 03-05-2017, 01:19 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (3)

I have decided to make numerous changes across the servers which will start with Fr3dden. He was originally brought in to help out with the servers in more of a passive way EG forums and spreadsheet. However I have been teaching him to be more like me and will from Monday be taking a much more of an active role across all servers. I have been on the Call Of Gmod server for the last 4 days in offline mode in steam to see how many staff actually join the server when we are offline. I have already spoke to a few staff members about this and they could tell I was not impressed therefore things will be changing.

Starting with Latchy he will be coming back as Community Manager on a temporary basis to help me sort the issues out. You will be seeing him on TS over this coming week. Me and him have spoke throughout the day to a number of the staff members and we feel the problem with the staff started from right at the top. When there has been over 45 people on the COG server and not seeing a staff member till 9PM on a Friday night concerns me a lot. Meaning I had to stay at my laptop constantly to make sure everything was fine. I hire staff to do this for me so i can get all of the new servers ready and do updates. The next decisions I have made were made by me and Latchy together.

Starting with the release date of the Counter Strike Gmod Offensive server, this will be released Wedneday 08/03/2017 7AM. It is completely ready however we are going to use tomorrow to speak to every single staff member and explain what we expect from you as a staff member on this community. I do not want to release this new server when people are not pulling there weight on this community. 

I have decided to change a few ranks around the Star Wars ranks have been removed of the forum until I am ready to release this server everyone on this page will be set to user until the server is up. Myself and Latchy have decided to bring in the Head Admin role and make community manager a lot harder to get to because they control every server. We feel like the current community managers are struggling. The Headadmin role will only have power on there specific server. I will be making a post on the forum explaining every role in much more detail.

Unfortunately there are going to be a few rank changes

Yente has had his rank removed from COG
Yoda will be moved from Community Manager to Star Wars Headadmin
Rico will be moved from Community Manager to COG Headadmin

I will be talking about the MilitaryRP in a new post tomorrow.



Respect Commitment Success

  Counter Strike Gmod Offensive Release
Posted by: HStorm - 03-02-2017, 11:34 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (2)

The Counter Strike Gmod Offensive server will be released tomorrow 7AM (05/03/2017). The IP will be
This is being currently used by the MilitaryRP however the MilitaryRP will be changed to

The MilitaryRP will be locked today to undergo an update full change log to be posted tomorrow with the Counter Strike Gmod Offensive and the MilitaryRP. Both servers will be added to the server list on the forum page

This post was edited because my hosting company cannot swap the IP addresses till tonight sorry however it will 100% be up tomorrow at 7 am will most likely be swapped before this timeframe

  5 Day Plan
Posted by: HStorm - 02-28-2017, 11:21 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (4)

I would first like to go of topic and talk about the new slogan for this community that you will be seeing a lot more. If people follow these 3 things in my opinion everyone will enjoy themselves a lot better at this community

RESPECT - Respecting everyone on the the community regardless if you like them or not is a key thing I want to improve on this community. Like I said previously I will not tolerate people bullying/harassing other people at this community. This community is for the people who want to have fun and enjoy the server/people on the server. I feel like not many people give each other the respect they actually deserve including myself for example yesterday I update the forum and add a thanks button so people can give credit to each other meanwhile 2 people think its a good idea to mess that up one of them being staff which in my opinion shows no respect. Someone who is not willing to respect a person or people on the community simply wont be staying on this community.

COMMITMENT -  Commitment means you are dedicated to something. This is important so the community succeeds. Staff especially should be committed to this server or they should not have a title on this community  

SUCCESS -  In my opinion if you follow those two steps on this server you yourself will be very successful and the server will be successful. If you follow these two steps in your life in general you will succeed in whatever it is you want to do.

You will be seeing Respect Commitment Success (RCS) a lot more around especially on my posts and even in my name in steam. I am a strong believer in this slogan. This also means there no more excuses why some people should not respect other people. If you do not like someone you can still be nice to them but just don't speak to them to much. If you are committed to this server you are a person who wants to make the server improve people can do this from donating to just having the IWIKU clan tag on there steam name and avatar. 

Anyway moving onto the main point of this thread the 5 day plan
Day 1 27/02/2017 This was yesterday the forum was updated. Thread that explains this here http://www.iwikugaming.com/showthread.php?tid=7457
Day 2 01/03/2017 MilitaryRP will be locked for the whole day adjusted and fixed changelog explaining this. Will return the following day
Day 3 02/03/2017 The CounterStrike Gmod offensive  server will be released at 7am. the forum will also have also have a second update which includes the donation system among other things
Day 4 03/03/2017  Providing how the CounterStrike Gmod offensive first server goes if it goes well due to it only being 24 slots another 2 will be released if it is constantly maxed out
Day 5 04/03/2017 Call Of Gmod 1 and Call Of Gmod 2 will be updated during the night Changelog will be provided the following day

  Forum Update (Part 1)
Posted by: HStorm - 02-27-2017, 04:13 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (5)

The first main change you will see to the forum is the Staff Team page. This has been revamped to look a lot more professional. This will also mean if a staff member is staff on more than one the IWIKU Gaming servers they can be added to both tabs. The descriptions will be added by you guys. I would ask the staff to send me descriptions through a PM on the forum or steam message please and I will be able to add this. Descriptions will only be available to Admin and above. This will make it more rewarding to become admin. I feel as a Trusted some people may have not been a the community long enough to put a detailed description.

The second change you will see is the statistics at the bottom of the "Home Page" and the "Home Page". This is to make it feel more rewarding when you post and makes it a lot easier to get to posts faster. This will also make it easier to give people reputations I would like this system to be used a lot more than it is now. I would expect people to +Rep people who you think are doing a good job. I will make a guide so people can understand how to do this

The third change you will see is the forums in general I have moved the applications to specific servers along with appeals. I will also be adjusting some more things on the forum page shortly.

The fourth change you will see if Notices the first one you can see right now is Respect Commitment Success. I will be adding notices a lot more in the future for release dates of servers among other important things such as reminders for meetings etc

Finally the last change is the Thanks button this can be used by anyone including myself to thank people for a thread I have thanked a few examples. This button is used for threads that are important or are just good in general. Do not go thanking every thread you see. I would expect if i decided to go to you randomly and asked why did you thank this thread you would be able to tell me why. I will use an example I have thanked Zer0's thread about continue the sentence because it is a good way to get people active on the forum, something anyone can join in on. Why its good to thank peoples threads because it will all count to there statistic at the bottom of  the forum and it will actually make the person feel they have helped the server.

https://puu.sh/umeYk/07d2ba8130.png This is a screenshot of where the thanks button is
https://puu.sh/umfe0/262b56384b.png This is a screenshot showing the point of thanking people for threads

FINALLY I have added to the home page the servers we currently have. I will be adding the MilitaryRP and the Call Of Gmod 2 server at some point today. Any new servers upon release will be added to this page now you can always see how many players the server has and if it needs staff. If people have problem finding the server in the Garry's Mod listing just tell them to hit the steam button.

There will be a thread posted later today about my 5 day plan which is going to be stuck to as you can see with the forum update Part 1. The Counter Strike Gmod offensive release date will also be explained the 5 day plan which will be posted later today. 



Respect Commitment Success

Posted by: Ashman6 - 02-20-2017, 06:34 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (12)

There will be a Meeting Friday 24th February 2017 5.00PM all staff must attend if you cannot make it please post on this thread.

The IWIKU Gaming server was formed in Sepetember 2012 by myself and we have only grown stronger over the years the IWIKU Gaming community strives to be the best gaming community. We currently own the ORGINAL MilitaryRP server which continues to grow. Myself wished to create a gaming community in which players could have the best gameplay possible!