27 Sep 2014

Welcome to your own donation system. You can buy any package on the store and it will Automatically give it to you on the server unless its stated in the package. Servers cost a lot o... Read more
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               We are IWIKU Gaming. 

This is a community that strives for success. We currently have multiple servers accords the Garrys mod platforms from Call Of Gmod to MilitaryRP. To see the packages we offer click donate. This community has been running for 4 years started in September 2012 and still continues to this day. This community welcomes anyone and from all ages. The main aim of this community is for everyone to have fun within the rules of the community.

The motto for this server is Respect Commitment Success. If we respect people in the community everyone enjoys themselves. If we are committed to this community the community will grow and be successful. Any type of donation supports the server.

The server costs a lot of money to run and donations are greatly appreciated. If you have no money just playing the server having the IWIKU clan tag + logo in your steam name and logo on steam all supports the server. Once again you can view all of the packages we offer if you hit the donate button.!