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Tonight me and Fred have done an update on the Call Of Gmod server 2. Before I get into what has changed we have two Call of Gmod Servers:

Call Of Gmod 1
Call Of Gmod 2

eg if you are level 40 on server 1 hop on server 2 you will have the same stats!)

Me and Fr3dden have spent all of the night updating the Call Of Gmod 2 Server. We have revamped all of the maps and made the Call Of Gmod 2 server DOWNTOWN maps only. This will give the Call Of Gmod 1 server a chance to rotate around the maps other than downtown a little bit more.
There will updates coming over the next few days both call of Gmod Server 1 and 2 featuring things like Zones this will stop spawn killing what will happen is the Taliban spawn will not be able to be accessed by marines and marines will not be able to get close enough to Taliban to spawn kill them. We will also be working on the map voting system, Time Trackers and much more. We will be re-balancing the classes to make the teams a lot more fair. Full changelog will be posted each update.

Call Of Gmod Server 1 Map Pool
rp_downtown_v4c_thehighway (XMAS Map will be removed in January sometime)

Call Of Gmod Server 2 Map Pool
rp_downtown_v4c_thehighway (XMAS Map will be removed in January sometime)
rp_bangclaw_drp_winter_v1 (XMAS Map will be removed in January sometime unless not liked)

There will also be a MilitaryRP update which will be a huge update and revamp the server in the next coming days will be explained in a separate thread when completed.

I would like to Thank Fr3dden for his help all of tonight I have actually been really really sick from around 5PM till not if honest and he offered to stay up all night with me to fix spawns for the Call Of Gmod server 2 in order to make this release today rather than tomorrow. This really did help me and saved me around 2-3 hours. Fr3dden also helped with making sure everyone's data links from server 1 to server 2 this took us hours but worth the effort. I would like to thank everyone that has been really patient coming on the server and supporting the server in anyway possible we really appreciate it whether thats adding IWIKU to your steam name or donating money. We are always looking for suggestions and working hard to get updates done as fast as possible.


Good Job H and Fr3dden very nice work Big Grin
Nice work Hstorm AND Fredden Smile
Ayyyy! Nice one guys Big Grin