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Full Version: XMAS SALE
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There is a 50% sale starting from today till the 2nd January 50% off I only do 2 sales a year best get in while you can. To check this out hit the donate button on the navigation bar.

On a side note I would like to note the work of an outstanding member on this community. The call Of Gmod server has done very well today and I have had numerous people say to this 1 staff member is great over and over again. Everyone seems to know his name on the server and he has done an excellent job. His name is Elliscool23. I have run a server for 2 years and never had these sort of numbers on one of my servers from 1AM onwards which is very impressive
Its really nice to see people come up to me saying this is amazing keep up the good work etc etc really good.


4.30am in morning see my clock on right

This is great to see so many people like this gamemode I have created I have been informed on many bugs which are currently in progress of being fixed. There will also be 3 new maps coming to this server 2 staying permanently if liked and one is a Christmas map which will stay till January. I would like to say thanks to the people who have helped along so far and the dedicated users who come on and enjoy the server.

However 2 biggest appreciations have to go to
QuickSilver for getting being at times the only person on wanting this server to grow and willing to sit there and wait

Elliscool23 for helping every player on the server and spending a huge amount of time making events, helping out players on the server and generally just being on constantly. I know I already mentioned him above but that was briefly

Everyone who plays any of my Garry's Mod servers and enjoys it helps this community progress forward and rise to becoming the best Garry's Mod community we possibly can..

Lets keep this sort of stuff up I have many new ideas planned for that server any suggestions will also be great. I have made sections on the forum for this server and if you click apply for staff applications for this server are now open. Lets progress this community forward not back!

There will be an update on the MilitaryRP this coming weekend maybe Monday night latest this will include new cars vehicles and more

Have a nice Christmas

Nice work boys
I do not realy know you guys but your great in wat you do Smile

Keep the work on hstorm ... You are a great person Smile even as a owner and the double spam with ty in steam was great for me to hear that you was a little proud of me Smile

And everybody have a nice christmas

Tai Chi

Been there done that hooray