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Full Version: Changelog 21/12/2016
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- Fixed spawns (will did)
- Added buyable doors to some of the houses
- Fixed the G36C ammo
- Fixed Five Seven Ammo
- Removed Bus Driver
- New Map explained in thread
- Fixed Textscreens
- Updated FastDL
- Removed Bus Driver will not be good for this map also people used to drive it backwards troll and not even used that much anyway.

Will fix and add new cars
New ways to level up
Loading screen fix

Call Of Gmod So far so I keep note really also More to be added (Re Released 22/12/2016)
- Fixed all spawn points (Will did)
- Fixed all car spawn points
- Changed the Unassigned Spawn points on all maps
- Added Textscreens
- Made it so unassigned cannot be killed
- Fixed leveling system now if you kill a player lower level than you you will level up
- Fixed people using tools such as paint etc
- Will make everything value of 0
- Fixed world props
Nice work hstorm Smile

car are for me useless in this map but hstorm choise Big Grin 
Ill miss the bus :c