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Full Version: Update / Xmas Sale / Giveaways
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So tonight I have done a major update on both the MilitaryRP and the Desert Warfare with a further update coming tonight focusing more on new content and addition/changes to vehicles.  

 I have noticed the server has been lagging an insane amount making it not enjoyable for many people. Another major issue was the constant map restarting because of the lag. Many people also complained about LOW FPS again making it not fun an enjoyable. I know the issue and have found a solution to this. I have decided to change the map to rp_predator_v3_016. Yes we have used this map previously however the FPS was much higher on this map for some people triple the amount of the current map. The lag issue will also decrease heavily. The bugs previously seen on the map have now been fixed. We will be sticking to this map for time to come. 

Things I have fixed on this map that caused us a problem before
- There was no PD? Now there is with a buyable door the lot.
- All houses in the town have buyable doors
- Fixed all the spawns
- Fixed the underground

Full change log here http://www.iwikugaming.com/showthread.ph...7#pid36567

The other more serious issue on the map was the driving, tonight when the server is locked I will have a fix for that a change of many cars which would be more appropriate to MilitaryRP and even some Bikes. Any cars that will be removed you will have the option to sell them still dont worry you will not lose any money. By using this map we have a lot more advantages where previously we didn't now with the lag reduced based using this map I can change a lot of things to improve the server. This will make the experience on IWIKU Gaming fun again with a high populated server. In the near future for people that did like the old map I will be introducing a second server with a much smaller count for people to play on therefore no lag however that will be in the future.

Desert Warfare Now Call Of Gmod
I have done a major update on the Desert Warfare server by reconstructing the gamemode and making more appealing to the Garry's mod community. I have changed the gamemode to Call Of Gmod. I have done this because the server is a lot like Call Of Duty however with my twist on things. The gamemode has been completely redesigned and bug tested. From unassigned now being unkillable to fixing the level system so you get xp for killing anyone. Changing the gamemode name means I can also expand the map pool in the near future. In the future I will be adding prestige badges therefore there will be a good reason to prestige. There will also be new playermodels and new jobs. Everyones stats have also been reset to make it fair as a few people cheated killing unassigned people. The server will be re released 22/12/2016 you can enjoy the MilitaryRP update for tommorrow

FROM the 24/12/2016 - 02/01/2017 there will be a 50% sale on all donations apart from Custom Jobs. Honestly I do 2 sales a year this being one of them therefore I would cash in while i can. This is the biggest sale I have ever done on my community for 3 years. The reason it will be 50% off all items is i feel the servers performance has not been at its best and now today is its time to change.

There will be NO meeting this Saturday due to it being Christmas on the Sunday for most people. For Scandinavian people Christmas is actually on the 24th therefore putting a meeting on this day would not be suitable.

When you put IWIKU name in steam or infact anywhere you should feel great pride you are apart of a community where you feel welcomes. You should add it to your steam name it to support the community and to show you are apart of this community. When you have the logo or clan tag you are representing this community. Your actions could effect this community name especially staff members. When i hear someone say " Your representing this community when your doing that (Doing something wrong)" and someones response is "Big deal" thats not the response I would like to hear like I said you should feel proud wearing it to support the community and to show off what you are apart of. If you cant donate or just want to show what server you are staff/apart of we allow anyone to add IWIKU to the start of there name but if you are not going to respect the community dont add it to your steam name it please

Mentor System / Staff Of The Week
For those people who couldn't access the spreadsheet now you can. I have edited and changed peoples mentors. I am going to make a post on how it works as I feel the system is not being used correctly. I am also introducing a new thing which will be called "Mentor of the Month" This will go to the person who Me, Fred, headadmins choose. Superadmins down have the chance to win this. We will be looking to see who has done the best job mentoring people that month and reward them Mentor of the Month and a free £5 IWIKU voucher which can be used for themselves of the person of there choice on the donation system. This should encourage people to help people progress up the staff team. Please remember I dont need to do this i CHOOSE to do this for you therefore please try your best to do your job and help community out resign rather than make me have to demote you because of inactivity etc.

Moving onto staff of the week as I explained in the meeting there will be a points system for staff of the week when you hit 3 points you will receive a £5 IWIKU voucher. You need to be staff of the week 3 times thats it to get that. There will be a spreadsheet for this coming today. Therefore potentially you could have £10 to spend in the donation system in a month for FREE? Name me another server that does that... Why will I be doing this have a I lost my mind? No I am doing this to REWARD the staff for taking as many sits as they can and helping people become better staff members which will give me more time to do updates rather than take the sits. 

There will be a few giveaways on the server from 23/12/2016 - 01/01/2017 stay tuned for that this will NOT be everyday. I am also going to be surprising a lot of people Thursday where the day a lot of people have been waiting for may come true. This THURSDAY I will be roleplaying at some point during the day,  yes you heard it roleplaying. I am going to do this to try and bring more people on TS together and have some fun. Try and sort out rifts etc. I am assure many people will want to do that as a lot of people have not seen me roleplay for a very long time because I do not find the time to Smile Before I get the question will I join a gang No sorry. 

I would like to also say a thanks to WILL for spending 5 hours helping me with updates and Ezio for helping me for 3 hours test stuff out
Will was responsible for fixing all of the spawn points on the Military and the Call Of Gmod so if any are wrong blame him (Joking) If any are wrong I will fix them for you however making the spawns are very boring so thankyou for that 

Have a good day

Really nice job Big Grin  I gotta say I really wish I could have been there to help with the new changes would have been cool but I was at the hospital for 6 hours I think Ezio tried to contact me but I dident get it till it was to late all well theres always next time. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. Cool
Nice work hstorm Smile
Hobo with meh h please Smile
What is this madness? HStorm roleplaying? There is something clearly not right, someone got to HStorm, QUICK KILL IT WITH FIRE!
All seriousness, I love the new update, and I look forward to seeing you roleplay H <3
Just Imagine is Hstorm roleplays and breaks all his own rules XD
XD hahahahaha ezio i would laught till i cry xD